Let’s pretend…

✨ Let me play a little imaginary game with you! ✨

Now imagine this:

You’re a teenager who’s into the typical teenager things:
* Hanging out with friends.
* Trying to fit in with the cool people.
* Listening to your favourite music.
* Being a bit rebellious too.
* BUt also trying to find out who you really are.

But there’s a catch….

You’re also a teenager who has to escape from a living nightmare, every single day. Who has to escape from reality in your home.

Going to school, is your escape.
Going to your weekend job, is your escape.
Going to different cities to wander around, is your escape.

You’re even asked to look after the house of your internship employer during their vacation. Not just taking care of the mail and watering plants. No, you’re required to stay in their home. Sleep in their home. Because they see the urgent need for a safe place. A place where you can unwind. Relax. Feel a tiny bit of security.

But every day you have to go back home, after those precious hours that you finally felt free. That you felt normal even.

So you’re standing there. In front of your home.
Wishing, hoping, praying for it to be normal.
“Please let nothing happen to me today”.

Trying to sneak up into your own bedroom. Wishing you would be safe there.
But you’re not…

You can’t even keep photos, money or other personal items in your room. Because there would always be someone who would take it. ALWAYS!

Only for you to find your photos again, months later, seeing they’re tempered with. Some crazy writing on it. Strange oily substances on it. And even things that look like herbs on it. Stones, some sort of snake skin, all that bizarre stuff…

Can you imagine living like that as a teenager? CAN YOU?!

This was my reality! My life, for years…
Living in fear of what each day would bring. What would be done to me. What would happen to me. What would become of me.

I now know that this is not a normal way of living. That this is far from healthy. And then I haven’t even mentioned more detailed stuff that was going on. ‘Cause it’s just too much…

But back then I used to tell myself it was no big deal. That it was normal. That it didn’t even affect me.
Turns out that this is a normal way for people to cope with extreme situations. Normalize it, and just keep on breathing. Your basic survival instinct kicks in, just to make sure that you survive each day.

I have been on a inner journey to heal from this. And I can tell you that it has been a long road.
A really long road…

But I now finally dare to say that I made it.
That I am a new version of me. A better version. Improved. Happy. Thankful. Loving. And yes, even accepting of it all.

It took me more than a year of extremely hard work. Complete dedication to start loving myself again. To start loving life again.

It was either doing the needed work and going through it all, or simply giving up. Giving up on myself, giving up on life.

I chose to fight.

All because I knew that there was more to life. That there was more to explore. To love. To enjoy. To live.

And yes, it required of me to dig deep. Tear open these old wounds, let it bleed, let all the pain and suffering get out. It got out of my system in the most intense ways possible.

But I survived! Damn…. I have seen what hell is like. I have lived there. Not only when everything happened to me when I was a teenager.
No, by tearing open these old wounds I got to relive it all…

I can so clearly remember me standing in the kitchen playing around with asprins. Wondering how many I would take. How many I could need to take. Just to make it all stop. To make my misery stop. To free me from all those painful memories.
Because that was the only way I could then see how it would stop. By simply making an end to my life. Leave everyone behind, even my husband and 2 amazing kids.

Thank God I didn’t do it. ‘Cause going through it all, really showed me that there is more to life then just misery. You only have to know the right way to deal with it.

Therapy helped me a lot with learning how to deal with it all. So yes, I believe in the powers of therapy. Honestly, everyone could benefit from a bit of self reflection every now and then. It will only get you so much further in life, so why the secrecy around it? But that’s a whole different subject….

But there’s so much more to it! It’s not just about healing. It’s about finding joy in life again.

Learning how to heal from it all.
Learning how to dig really deep.
How to change your beliefs about yourself.
And how to find that inner wisdom of yours.

Because it’s there, my dear.
It’s always been there.
Also in you!

It’s guiding you. Inspiring you. Telling you what’s OK and what’s not.

All you have to do is tune in and listen carefully. Dig deep and break free from your old beliefs about yourself. Because healing from within needs more than only therapy. It needs you to look at your life without judgement. It needs you to understand your true beliefs about yourself. Only then you are able to truly change it all.

And hey: If I can do it, you can do it too!


p.s. I’m going to tell you a little secret… One that I have been shifting towards for some time now. It’s a little secret that has been playing in my mind, but one that I know is going to be next level amazing.

So here goes…

You want to know what it takes to dig deep?
To find out about your true self beliefs?
What doing the inner work really means?

How you can use it all to create the life that you actually enjoy? A life filled with positivity, fun and love.

I’ll show you the way to all of this – and SO MUCH MORE – in my soon to be launched 7 day program!

A program that is bound to leave you inspired and motivated to turn things around, and start enjoying life to the fullest.

‘Cause that’s what you deserve baby!

Keep an eye out for more info.

Self-care isn’t selfish

Are you doing what you should be doing? The things that are good for you?

I know now that making yourself a priority is a must. No, it’s not selfish!
Being selfish is is a crazy thing. Because who says it’s being selfish when you take care of yourself? When you do things for you? As if it is something wrong. A bad thing to do…

Choosing yourself, is done out of love for yourself. Pure, deep love! No matter if it’s about the big stuff in your life, or the small things. Choosing for yourself is a must.

Also working out regularly is done out of love for yourself. Taking care of your body the way it deserves. That is why I believe in the power of doing mindset work, as well as taking good care of your body. So exercise often and eating a healthy balaced diet. Because, if you deeply love yourself, you also love your body. AND… therefore you treat it in a respectful way.

So today I went to the gym again after a period of not going there. Mostly because of the extreme side effects of my EMDR therapy, which had me floored for 3 days in a row after each session. And I had sessions each week, so yeah… Not much to go on…

But then I kept sticking to this pattern. Simply because I didn’t prioritise working out. Because I chose to make other things more important. And that’s the thing here: it’s a choice. It really is as simple as that. You either workout or you don’t. Making excuses is always an option. I mean, been there done that…

But how amazing is it that you actually get to decide for yourself what to do with your life? What your day looks like? What you get to do on a day? How you’re treating your body each day?

Sure, I get it…
You don’t have time.
You’re busy busy busy.
You’re really tired.
You don’t know where you left your sportswear.
And you really have to be some place in 2 hours…
You know what? Let’s do this tomorrow… But for real right?!

That’s the way it works, isn’t it? For most people it is.

Here’s the thing:
You’ll always be able to find an excuse not to workout. ALWAYS!

What works for me, is thinking about the way I feel after going to the gym. After a good workout. Sure, at first I might too not feel like it. But afterwards…

I feel amazing.
In flow.

And then – just by simply reminding myself of that feeling – I am again motivated to go work out. Just because it feels so good!

So everytime I feel the need to go to the gym, but my mind keeps playing tricks on me? Making excuses not to go? I remind myself of that feeling. Every time again!

Or I even question myself what I want to feel for the rest of the day. Do I want to:
* Feel bad that I didn’t go?
* Kick myself for caving in, again?
* Even though I really intended to go!

Or do I choose something else? A different state of mind?
* Feel proud for sticking with my intention.
* Be filled with positive energy.
* Clear my mind through a good workout.
* Take good care of my body!

That sure makes it an easy decision, right?!

Making choices about stress

Fuck it… I’m going to say it out loud here…

I can NOT handle stress!
Just can’t. NOt even a little bit. I just can’t…

Or something else: “I’m at my best when under stress”. And know I have said this long ago, plenty of times even. But it’s just not true. I am at my best when in flow, and that is something completely different than stress. Stress isn’t well for anyone.

I can actually feel stress settling down in my body. It shows up as physical pain. Of course, stress is a mental thing, but it almost always shows itself as a physical thing. Whether you see or feel it, or not. It’s there. Always.

Today I’m feeling the stress. A lot even. Our oldest had an extreme allergic reaction to something, and we don’t know what caused it. His skin is itchy, covered in tiny red bumps. His hands and face are swollen, and he has difficulty breathing through his nose.
So, quite a lot to worry about…

The first place I can feel the stress coming up, is in my neck. All muscles thighten. It even seems like my neck vertebrae get locked up. I can hear it all squeaking! Then the tiredness follows. Just like my fibromyalgia. And then it’s all complete… A physical pain party due to stress.

To me this tells me a lot. Sure, the fact that stress is not OK for me and my body. But also that I need to make different choices in my life. About the way I live life, what I do, what is right for me, and what’s not right for me.

And yeah, this also means I’m making choices others won’t understand. Things of which others say:
“Are you really doing THAT?”
“I don’t feel like you’re making a wise decision.”
“Don’t be so foolish!”
“Did you even consider the consequences?”

Trust me: thinking about consequences is a thing I do way too often. I’m a real over-thinker.
The very best when it comes to figuring out all tiny details.
Making elaborate plans.
Finding the pros and cons.

I’m even really good at thinking about every possible doom scenario. INCLUDED all
possible solutions to each and every scenario. I could possibly be the world’s best at it.

So all my choices are always well thought of. But these days my choices are more and more based on what FEELS good. What feels right for me.

Living based on my feelings and true purpose, and less from my mind and all thoughts.

And yes, that also means that the choices I’m making, may seem totally illogical to you. But for me, these are the best choices ever to be made. Just because it feels good. And that… That makes it the best decision ever!

What does your soul need?

Are you doing the things that your soul needs? The things it craves?

It’s not something that you WANT to do, or someone you want to BE. It’s the things that make you YOU. The things that you need to function well, to live life in the best way possible.

I believe, no I KNOW, that your soul has a huge impact on who you are as a human being. The way you live life. What you need to do on a daily basis to be happy.

To me, some things are just an absolute MUST. Things that are good for my soul, things that I need.  To feel good. Happy. Satisfied even.

So here’s a list with a few of my soul needs:

* Writing and speaking to inspire and motivate others, you…
I really can’t do without this. The last few days I have been putting way too little time into this, and it does something to me. I get that tired, restless feeling. The not belonging, the purpose-less feeling, feeling disconnected to myself even.

* Sunshine and light
Gosh, this may sound a bit odd as being a soul need. But to me it is. I really need sunshine and light. I’m that kind of person who, if I don’t go outside enough in the winter, I get stuck into this negative feeling. Sunshine and light gives me so much energy. It really feeds my soul.

* Warmth
Another somewhat vague thing, as it is not something materialistic. But I need warmth. Not just because I just hate the cold, but because – when I feel warmth (preferably from the sun, but the heating, a cup of hot coffee or tea, a warm blanket or lots of cuddles will do too), I feel myself calming down. Relaxing even.

* A healthy lifestyle
I have spent quite some time figuring out what is good for me with regards to my lifestyle. Mainly because of my fibromyalgia. But now I just know… A healthy lifestyle is part of who I am. It is what I need to feel good every day. So happy that I just love my veggies (salads, slow juices and more) and working out regularly.

* Flowers and plants
A long time ago, I worked in an amazing flower shop. There I was, obviously, always surrounded by the most amazing flowers and plants. A bit of nature indoors, if you will. But since recently I realized that this is just part of me. I need green lucious plants around me. I need big bouquets of flowers in our home. It always makes me feel more connceted to nature. The vibrant colours, the smell. Don’t know what my connection to it is, but I do kow that I need it around me to feel my best.

So here you go, these are just a few examples of my “soul needs”. My entire list is a really long list actually. A list of things that I need, DAILY, to feel as best as I can. To be the best I am. To function optimally.

Do you know yours? Do you know what your soul needs are? The things you just can’t do without?

Honour them, it’s so important!

A vicious circle

Whenever I see someone who is hurt or looks sad, it makes me sad too. Knowing this person isn’t feeling well. Not loving him or herself, or at least not enough. Not accepting his/her being. Maybe even feels hate towards him/herself. Doens’t think he/she is beautiful. Not fun, good looking, smart, you name it…

And the reason why this person feels this way? Often you can find the reason for it, in the past.  Mostly in the childhood even. The time where your character is shaped. The perion that is super important in the way you shape yourself.

I have been there too. I know that, everything in your past, defines the way you look at life now. It defines the way you feel now. The way you think about yourself. The way you ARE. The way you DO.

Your work.
Your daily life
The way you interact with your partner
With your kids
With friends
With money
With your body

I honestly swore to NEVER treat my kids the way I was treated by my mother. Never!

About 6 years ago, when we decided we wanted to try to get pregnant, I knew – on a soul level – that this baby couldn’t be a girl. That just wasn’t an otion. It just couldn’t be. Not that a girl wouldn’t be loved. No, of course not.

But it would be too confronting for me.  I had a terrible example of a mother-daugter relationship. And I was extremely afraid that I would, then, follow that example. Huring my child the exact way she did to me. No matter how awful it was, no matter how much I hated her for it. I just knew that having a girl would be risky, for all of us.

We have 2 boys. Two amazing, loving, cheeky, naughty and energetic boys. Yes, sometimes the drive me craze with their bouncy energy. I mean, I really love my peace and calm. I just need that stillness around me.

During the pregnancy of my youngest, I used to say all the time: This boy needs to be a calm and peaceful boy, kind of like my character. The oldest would be the one (well, together with his dad then) the energetic, bouncy, busy one. And then I would have this gentle, calm, peaceful boy on “my side”. Kind of like keeping the balance.

But nope… During one of the echo’s this little one was already super busy. The woman making the echo tried to capture him on a photo. And there it was. The first sign that this was absolutely not going to be this super calm little boy. “Oh man, he just doens’t want to stay still. I can’t even make this photo for you!” Wow, OK, already super busy.

But I know that you always get what you need. To grow. To develop. Exactly what is needed for that inner growth.

Guess I got what I needed. To amazing boys, that I love to the moon and back. And I just know that I will never hurt them the way I was hurt. Not just because they are boys and not girls. No, because I have grown as a human being. As a mother.

It is my duty, my purpose, to change the course. Change the course of my family’s history. The hurt, sadness, pain, injustice, disrespect. I choose to do things differently.

These are not just words, like the way people often say things. Especially when it comes to doing something totally different than your parents.

Because, how often do you hear this:
Kids are being abused (mentally, emotionally, physically even).
They grow up and have kids of their own.
Ad then start to abuse their kids.

NO MATTER how bad it felt when they were hurt themselves by their parents. No matter how much pain they felt. No matter how it changed then. No matter how sad they felt. No matter how the swore to never do this to their kids.

Let be honest here. It’s a vicious circle. One that is extremely hard to break through. But hard or difficult, doens’t mean it’s impossible to do. It is POSSIBLE! You just have to choose to do so, actively.

Every day again. Every hour even.


Choose to do it differently. And then take the right action. Doing what you say you’ll be doing. Acting on it. Doing what you promised yourself, and your kids.

That’s the way. The ONLY way!

Dare to be YOU!

Do you dare to be yourself? Be your amazing self? Unappologetically?
Show yourself to the world – the exact way that you are! No holding back!

I have been hiding my true self for a long time. Most of my life even. It all came down to feeling not worthy enough.

Not pretty enough
Not funny enough
Not smart enough
Not skinny enough
Not athletich enough

Hell…. sometimes even too smart in highschool. ‘Cause being smart wasn’t going to make me popular. The exact opposite even!Looking back on my life, I realized that most of these so called beliefs were created in my childhood. Feeling unwanted, not popular, if that’s what you want to call it.

And most of it was based on the way OTHER people treated me. Not based on how I felt deep down inside.

Yes, I wore glasses. Yes, later on I had braces too. Yes, my hair was super frizzy. Yes, I wasn’t super fashionable. Yes, I wasn’t athletic. Yes, I even wasn’t “voluptuous” as some other girls were at early adolescence. And I got picked on for that. For all of that!

It even started back in elementary school, when I first had to wear glasses. Instantly the whole dynamic seemed to change in the class. I really hated waring my glasses, because the other kids just didn’t like me anymore. Refused to play with me even.Now I see that ALL of this actually shaped me. Made me belief that I wasn’t worth it.

That, if I wore glasses, people would not like me anymore. Wouldn’t even speak to me anymore.

I honestly believed that the whole world was soley based on the way you look.
“Look good, then you’ll be succesful”.

f56a5e55cba64e70b4a557444fc616caSo I started working on my outer beauty. Showing up as a fashionable, good looking, athletic person. Even refusing to wear my glasses in public.

Now I realize how fucked up that really is. It’s all about what’s on the inside. I’ts always been like that.


Being an amazing person by carachter, is what defines you.

Someone doesn’t like you for who you are?
They’re not your type of person. Just NOT…

And it really doesn’t matter where.
If it’s in your personal life or in business.
You should always be able to BE you.
Show up as YOU.
Trust in you.

Currently I am making drastic changes based on this.
Choosing myself. My happiness. My health even.

Something doesn’t feel good?
Someone makes me feel not good?
Bye Bye.

So, I’m off now. Onto making one of these huge changes. Scary, but super excited! I am choosing me.

Will you do the same? Choose YOU. Now!

About me

First of all, thank you so much for finding the time to come over to my website. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Should you have any questions though, please feel free to contact me. Any time!

My name is Larissa den Enting-Bremmer. I know, long LONG name, which is quite common here in the Netherlands (where I live) when you’re married. I am married to an amazing, loving and super supportive husband whose name is Raymond den Enting (hence my last name). We have 2 fun and cheeky boys, with the oldest being 5 years old and the youngest 1 year old. In addition we have 3 cats, and live in a small town called Amersfoort near Utrecht, which is like the actual centre of the Netherlands.

I started this website with the knowledge that I have an important message to share with the world. For a really long time, I have been trying to not think about it.

To not do anything with it.
To completely forget it.
To focus on other stuff.
To just let it be.

Up untill I decided “enough is enough”. My message is a powerful message that needs to be heard. That needs to come out. Even though it sure is scary. Painful even. Not doing it no longer is an option. This is the time. It is perfect right now. Because everything is perfect. ALWAYS!

So here I am. Having been through hell and back (you can read more about my story here). Having suffered from depression, complex PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety attacks and fibromyalgia, but NOW stronger than ever before. I am living proof that you can turn any extremely bad situation into something good. That you can actually start to love life again. Enjoy life to the fullest.

For the past years, I have been studying how the mind works with the effects of trauma. What, in addition to standard therapy, can aid in the recovery. And even speed things up.

How I have come to this point now, you ask?
I have had a traumatic experience in my late childhood. Not just one event, but multiple, hence the complex ptsd. For years on end, I tried to ignore what was going on inside of me. Just pushed it away, trying to just be normal like everyone else.

Until I couldn’t go further any more. My father had passed away in a horrible accident, after having been sick for many years with an agressive brain tumor. At that time I was pregnant with our youngest son, so refused to (yet again) feel anything. Just to make sure my unborn son wouldn’t feel my stress too much.
Of course it just doesn’t work like that! And of course my pregnancy started to react on my stress levels. I had the first contractions when I was around 25 weeks pregnant. Luckily I took the rest that we both needed, just in time. But I knew something had to be done about all the stress, after giving birth.

So here I was. I had just given birth to our baby boy, and wasn’t feeling like myself. Still, however, I denied that I was actually doing really bad. I went to the doctor (still in denial though) and he sent me to a psychologist.

She was the very first one to ever take my story serious. Take ME serious. It was quite the shock to see her face when I told what I had gone through. She was shocked by my story! By my life! By how I lived, no survived, back then. She diagnosed me with c-ptsd, something I have always know to have. It has been inside of me all along, but was finally triggered to come out after my dad died.

After many sessions with her, I went on to another therapist for EMDR sessions. Had 10 sessions or so, and it is the most insane thing I have ever experienced. Kind of like meditation, visualization, affirmations, resurfacing of lots of old hurt, getting rid of old beliefs, and getting in touch with my soul. All at the same time!

Now, I don’t want to make it sound prettier than it is. It is a treatment they only do when they are sure you can handle going though it all again. It is a treatment that they’d rather not do. All because it is extremely painful. Reliving all the old pains and reliving your painful past. Experiencing the most extreme headaches afterwards for 3 days in a row, extreme tiredness, and lots more.

But all the while I had this deep sense that EMDR has shed most of the darkness inside of me. And let me tell you: there was a LOT of darkness. I believe it was almost only darkness. The EMDR sessions cracked me open. Allowed me to let the light back in. It allowed me to actually connect to my soul.

This, together with a lot mindset work and meditation, changed me into the person I am today. My own happy me, being grateful for all my life experiences. Loving myself, accepting myself completely, and enjoying every bit of life.

So here I stand today, knowing what can be accomplished with the right guidance.
With lots of hard work. Action to take. Facing your true self, and no more hiding from it.
I can and I will show you ultiple ways of finding joy in your life again, simply by being you. Because that’s all it takes.  Being you and accepting you.

So… are you ready? Ready for big changes? Ready to face it? Ready to work your ass off? All in order to feel better! To start loving your life again. No matter your past!

Let me know!


p.s. Forgot to tell you:
In addition to all of this, I am also the owner of my amazing webshop I am so passionate about my webshop, where we sell scarves and all kinds of fashion musthaves.
I honestly believe that having this webshop is one of the main reasons I was able to speed up my recovery. Being so passionate, enjoying every bit of it, this could make my entire day when it was going bad for me.

Stand tall like a Unicorn

You know a unicorn is special, right?

You are special too. You are in fact a magical being. Beautiful. Perfect.
All you have to do, is simply realize it and let it out.

This morning I drove our oldest son to school. Not in our regular car. Nope, we have a temporary rental car from the garage, while they are fixing our car.
Not just a standard BMW like the one we have. No, a really awesome and super fast BMW Z4. So of course I had to drive my son to school in this car. I mean, of course…

The sun was shining already, so the first thing he asked me, was “Can we drive it with the top down?”. So that’s what we did. He LOVED it! He was smiling and super happy. Then he asked me to turn the radio louder, so that everyone could hear it too.

At first it felt strange to me, and I told myself:
Please just act normal! Noooo, why the radio too? Now everyone’s looking at us. What will the think? OMG they think we’re complete show-offs!

Until I realized that this is complete nonsense.
Why act “normal”?
Why try to fit in?
Fit in with the crowd
Fit in with this boring normality

When it all can be so much more fun? Awesome? Amazing? Fun?

I don’t feel normal. I know I’m not “normal”. What is normal even? As far as I know it’s conforming to a norm. A man-made norm, that is.

But I don’t even like that. I am on a journey to fully accept myself for who I AM. Being different than others. Showing that I am different, think different, dream different. Act different.

Talking openly about it, knowing that it will always inspire others with it. And that’s what I love.

Making sure that you too know how to stand tall. Act like a Unicorn. A special being. Because that’s what we all are.


You just need to decide to act on it. It’s that simple.

Listen to your body, it needs you!

Do you do what your body needs?
Do you listen to what it tells you?
Do you do what is asks of you?

Whether it is going to bed early. Taking a midday nap. Eating something specific. Or drinking something specific. Taking rest. Or even taking an extra step into action?

I believe, no I just KNOW, that our body always tells you exactly what it needs. You only need to tune in and listen to it.

Most people however, just ignore it.
Keep on going, while their body is asking for rest.
Running even faster, all the while their body starts screaming
“Stop it! You can’t go on like this!”

And then…
Your body will shut down itself.
It will literally force you to take the rest you need.
Whether you want to or not.
Your body just forces you.

I have been there myself.
So much stress inside of me.
Stress that was built up for years on end.

My body couldn’t take it anymore.
But I didn’t listen.
Just kept on running.

Because I knew…
That if I would sit still
Take a rest
Do nothing actively
It would hit me…
The pain, the hurt, the sadness, the incomprehension

So I just kept on going. In need of something, I’ll take care of it. Really last minute change to some big project I was working on? No problem at all. I’ll take care of it. I was in complete denial. As long I would act as if nothing is wrong, then perhaps it will all just go away.

Untill my body was done. Untill it actually shut down. Then I was really forced to listen to my body and its needs. The hurt, the pain and all the stress came out and showed itself as physical pain. Many days I could only lay on the coach, do nothing, except feel the pain and just cry.

After a year of medical researches and doctors appointments, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Good! Now I finally knew what title to give the pain. But that was it.  There is no miracle cure for Fibromyalgia.

Stuborn me though, I refused to simply accept it. So I did a lot of research into what I could do to lessen the symptoms. Now I know that reducing stress is the most important factor. For me, it’s simple: no stress = no pain.

Untill the day that my father passed away during my second pregnancy. The stress levels were extremely high, and showed itself in multiple ways.

I couldn’t think normally
I couldn’t concentrate
I couldn’t read e-mails or letters
I couldn’t understand numbers
I was sleeping bad
Eating bad and unhealthy
I was in a lot of physical pain

In countless ways my body was telling me that things had to change. That time, I started to listen to my body. Listen to what it needed of me.

And the crazy thing is…. I knew exacty what my body needed back then, but my mind refused to believe it. But I did it anyway.

Listen to my body
Ignore what was going on in my mind

Ignore what my ego was telling me

Because your mind, or your ego in most cases, can tell you a whole lot of BS. It is up to you to decide what you allow to believe. In fact, you can see it as if your mind or ego is playing tricks with you, if you allow it.

It tells you constantly that you’re not good enough. Not worthy enough. That you don’t even need to rest. That it is OK to ignore the pain and just keep on going. But also, that you absolutely need to eat that entire bar of chocolate. Or that pizza. And that eating health is totally overrated.

Listening to your body, it is so important. Your body ALWAYS knows exactly what it needs. What it craves.

So here I am right now. Enjoyig a nice warm cup of tea. While my mind keeps on wondering why on earth I drink tea now, instead of my normal cup of coffee. But nope, my body needs to right now. So I listen to it and act on it.

That’s why, right now, I am writing this message instead of doing so many other things that I should be doing. But I know I have to do this. Why? Because my body was screaming at me to let this message out. Not later, no right now!

So now I am curious. Do you listen to your body? To what it tells you? To what you really need?

High vibing frequency

That moment you, all of a sudden, realize your vibing on a “different frequency” than many others.

I was just in the IKEA. During the pregnancy of my youngest, I used togo there quite often. He could then just play in the special playground (he wasn’t going to school back then, but was more than ready for it), while I was enjoying a cappuccino with my big prego belly. And yes, I did drink coffee during my pregnancy. Not too much, but come on… As if I could or would quit drinking coffee at all.

But OK, the IKEA… I had to go there to get a little container. Little did I know I was too early. The store itself was still closed, only the restaurant part was open. No problem, then I’ll just have a cappuccino, just like old times.

So there I was. Enjoying a coffee, and listening to a meditation on my phone. Being in my own bubble. Happy, intensly happy. Accepting myself unconditionally. Just standing in the light. Surrounded by love.

All of a sudden I noticed it. All the sadness and emptiness in the eyes of most people there. I was shocked! Really shocked. Because – while I was enjoying all the self-love, the amazing meditation music and my coffee – I could see so many people who are not happy. With that glazed look in their eyes. An almost sad posture even.

And all I wanted to do, was spread the love. Share some of my own light. So that these people too (and it was actually quite busy there…) feel comfortable in their own skin. That they enjoy life. Accept themselves. Feel the love and light. Crazy me, I even wanted to hug people, and tell them that it would all be OK. Didn’t do that, of course! But the feeling was so strange, so new and so extremely different. There it was: the realization that I am now vibing on a different frequency.

But here’s the thing: no matter what happens in your life. No matter all the heartship you go through. In the end you decide what to make out of your life. It’s up to you. It’s your choice.

Yes, bad things happen. I’ve been through plenty, so I KNOW. But you get to decide how to deal with it. Either you decide to let it overcome you, and get stuck in this miserable hellhole and feel as if life sucks always. Or choose to make the best out of it. Choose to learn from your experiences and grow.

Life is supposed to be fun. You are supposed to feel good about yourself. Love yourself. Because that’s all this is about. Loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you really are. In the end, that is the thing that makes life amazing, lighter, brighter, better.