The ancient art of self-healing and forgiveness
I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most used forms of meditation, all over the world. This Hawaiian practice dates back many years now and it is used by people all over the world. From shamans and healers, to those interested in meditation, spiritual practices and those who simply want to feel good.

History of Ho’oponopono
Ho’oponopono (spoken as ho o pono pono) has a rich history, as it was a part of the psychology and healing art called Huna. This healing method was used in shamanic practices in Hawaii and on various islands in the surroundings. The most accurate translation of ho’oponopono is “making right”, as it focuses on making right what was wrong. All to heal the individual and reunite families. When there would be lack of harmony within a family or community, ho’oponopono was used by a mediator called a Kahuna Lapa’au. This would then be a healing process during which everyone involved would gather for a lengthy session. Everyone would take turns and speak their truth until nothing was left to say. The idea is that no one is better than another, all are equals and respect is one of the key elements. Sessions would include prayer, confession, discussion and forgiveness; a huge dose of honesty with yourself is also needed for the session to be successful. In the end, Ho’oponopono is seen as helpful in reconnecting with inner motivations, listening to inner knowing and reconnecting with inner guidance. Something that is still very useful in today’s society.

However, around 1967 the use of ho’oponopono started to transform into what it is today. This change has now made it possible for everyone to practice the ancient art of forgiveness, without the need of having a mediator present. You can even do this by yourself. In fact, this is what most people do nowadays.

When to practice Ho’oponopono?
The joys and wonders of this forgiveness and healing practice is that it can be done anywhere, any time and as often as you like. There is no time limit to it, there is no specific location you need to be at first in order to practice it, and there is no “issue” that it can’t be used for. Ho’oponopono is that amazing!Most often, you will use it when you’re alone and in a quiet place. It’s at those times that you are alone with your thoughts, which happens to be the perfect time to stop and listen to what you are telling yourself. The internal chatter always goes on and negative self-talk is the biggest part of what goes on inside our brain. So those moments that you are alone are in fact perfect!But you can also practice Ho’oponopono when just before meeting up with friends, family or co-workers. Or when leaving a get-together. The things you are going to talk about, the people you are going to meet, the experiences you have had. They all have impact on what goes on inside your mind. It all triggers certain emotions and thoughts within you. Some might be positive, some might not. What an excellent outcome this prayer has on you then.

How to practice Ho’oponopono?
You simply repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer a few times and feel the release of emotions. After having said it a few times, you’ll notice that you’re feeling better and the negative thoughts start to disappear. It’s an amazing way to cleanse the subconscious mind of negative energy. And that’s how the subconscious mind works. You can read about things or listen to something, but that only teaches the conscious ind something. By going into a relaxed state of mind through meditation, you enter a Theta state. It is in this very state of mind, that you are operating in the subconscious part of your being. And by repetition of this powerful prayer, the subconscious programming can be changed.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

It’s all about taking full responsibility for the way you feel and for everything that affects your state of being. It’s the art of forgiveness, acceptance and cleansing of the negative energies that come into your presence. The prayer can simply start off by you saying the prayer while thinking of someone else. Perhaps you had a big fight with your partner. Perhaps you had a not so pleasant talk with a colleague. Then you can start by thinking of directing the prayer to the other. In doing so, you’ll soon find yourself directing it towards yourself. Forgiving yourself for your actions. Or you could instantly start by directing this gorgeous prayer to yourself and see what happens next. It is mind-blowing, promise you that.

I’m sorry.
By saying “I’m sorry” you acknowledge your responsibility and accept that your actions, thoughts, words and emotions caused harm or conflict in your reality.

Please forgive me.
These words are ultimately meant to ask yourself – your higher self – and the universe to forgive you and make amends. Forgiveness is quite possibly one of the most powerful ways to release hurt, pain and anger and can help you quickly shift your energetic vibration to a higher frequency.

Thank you.
It’s all about gratitude and being thankful for all the lessons that have come your way. Whatever you go through, always has a lesson attached to it. So be thankful for your higher self and the universe to clear the negative energy around it.

I love you.
Self-love. Love for others. Love for the universe/Divine/Source/God/Higher self. You either do things from a place of love or fear. In saying the words “I love you” you choose the positive side, the light. This is such a powerful way to shift your frequency and reality, simply by showing love (and gratitude for this earth experience). And hey, saying “I love you” to yourself can’t be done enough. So start telling it to yourself too.

Use it daily and see your world change
Have already tried this amazing healing technique? Are you new to it and keen to start? Or perhaps you already are a frequent user? Whatever your ‘status’ is with the use of Ho’oponopono, this an ancestral Hawaiian shamanic ritual is such an easy one to use in your daily life. One that absolutely has the ability to change so much for you. 

We are all made of energy. And the higher our own energetic frequency, the higher (or better) you attract in life. Want more love? More wisdom? More health? More money? Raise your vibration and become the energetic match to what you truly desire. Ho’oponopono is just one easy way to help you along the way.

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