Heal yourself

Can you heal yourself? Today, I’m sharing with you what I believe to be true around “healing work” and doing other spiritual work.

Because… Do we really need the help of others in our healing process? Or could it be that we have simply forgotten something important about ourselves???

I’d say it’s time to WAKE UP and see how powerful and magnificent you truly are!

We all have these amazing powers hidden inside if us. Some of us are taught that only a small part of humanity has access to this, to psychic gifts or healing powers. That’s NOT TRUE!

Everyone has these amazing gifts within. No one is above you, or more gifted than you. We are all the same in this as we all have access to the same. Everyone is born with it, you too.

However, it’s up to you to #awaken and see the truth of it all. You are magic. You have these powers or gifts too. The only thing that YOU need to do, is to rediscover this truth about yourself.

It has always been inside of you and it has also been guiding you up until this point in your life, whether you know it or not. YOU are magic! And all you need to do, is allow for it to show itself to you so that you can learn to trust this amazing part of yourself.