What To Do During A New Moon?

Every month, the sun and the moon align in the heavens, starting a new lunar cycle. A new beginning, if you will. Our ancestors quickly learned that a new moon was the perfect time to plant seeds, as bugs were less likely to find the seeds during this darkest time of the month. And just as our ancestors used to do, we too can plant our seeds of intention during a new moon.

What does a New Moon mean?

During a New Moon, we see the side of the moon that is not being illuminated by the sun, because the sun and moon are perfectly aligned. Some might even call this the dark side of the moon. It’s that time of the month where the moon seems to blend in perfectly with the dark sky, making the stars appear to be even brighter than usual. A full moon, on the other hand, means that we see the side of the moon that is being illuminated by the sun. This gives the moon its bright, glowing appearance.

Back to the New Moon and what it means!
A New Moon is all about darkness and stillness. Because a new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it also symbolises new beginnings. This is the perfect time to use this magical lunar energy to set new goals, create a new beginning or start a new project. Your slate has been wiped cleaned and you get a fresh new start.

New Moon Rituals

A New Moon ritual focuses on reaching new levels of success in any area of your liking. It’s about setting intentions and planting seeds in your inner (mental) garden, all to reach your highest potential.

Being supported by the New Moon energy – that’s all about new beginnings – this is the perfect time to do a moon ritual just for that.

How to do a New Moon Ritual?

Making your own New Moon ritual doesn’t have to be anything difficult. It’s all about doing what feels good to you.

Here’s my advice on how to create your own New Moon ritual.

  1. What do you want to do?
    First things first! You need to get a bit of clarity on what you want to do during your New Moon ritual. Perhaps you want to simply meditate, or write in your journal. Or maybe you want to use crystals and candles.

    My advice here is, to let your intuition guide you. There’s no need to have everything perfectly mapped out. My moon rituals are never the same, as I just let myself be guided towards what I want to do or what I need in that moment. This way, it’s always perfect for me. Nothing forced, nothing that I don’t like, but everything that’s aligned with who I am.

  2. When to do a New Moon ritual?
    Most people do Moon ceremonies or rituals during the evening, because that’s when a full moon is clearly visible. Also – for me – that’s the time that our kids are in bed and the house in quiet again. That way, I can easily relax and not be distracted by the kids.

    But don’t get too caught up in this whole idea of “needing to do a moon ritual in the evening”. Moon Energies are strong for 2-3 days prior to and after the celestial event, such as a full moon or new moon. If the exact date of the New Moon is not working for you, there’s no need to stress out about. Just pic another time or day.

  3. Creating a serene atmosphere
    Take your time to set the scene for your moon ceremony. Perhaps you want to darken the place where you are doing the New Moon ritual. Maybe you want to light lots of candles or even use essential oil burners or incense. I also recommend cleansing the space before you get started, meaning that you use sage or palo santo to get rid of negative energies and welcome in good energies that will support you in this time. You can even put on some relaxing music, that helps you relax even more.

    I highly recommend for you to surround yourself with things that lift you up, make you feel grateful and positive. This will look different to everyone, so take some time to figure out how you can best create a positive atmosphere for yourself.

  4. Relaxing your body, mind and soul
    Before you start with any ritual, including a full moon or new moon ritual, make sure that you are relaxed and in the right headspace. You don’t want to be doing a ritual, while feeling angry or stressed out. Doing rituals like these, means that you are working with energies. And since “like attracts like”, it also means that things with similar energy levels are drawn to each other. This can either be good or not so good, depending on what energy you are omitting while doing the ritual.

    Take a salt bath to release toxins and relax your body and mind. Meditate to calm yourself and your busy mind. Do some breathwork (deep breathing) to become present in this current moment. Whatever it is that you need, do it and enjoy it.

  5. Ritual time!
    Now that you’re completely relaxed, write down all your new intentions or affirmations. Journal as if there’s no limit to your possibilities. Write it all down, everything that you wish to create in this life. There is no right or wrong. Think of new projects, new goals, new things you want to magnetize into your life, new adventures and events. You want to include all areas of your life, such as your health, financial wealth, your home, relationships, personal growth, everything. And… make sure to phrase it all positively, as that helps nurture the new energy you’re welcoming.

    You can either leave it with this, or take it a step further and include some magical and transforming fire into your ritual. I sure love fire, so I always include it in rituals. Nothing beats seeing those amazing flames and realising how it can create new beginnings, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Take the piece of paper – fold it if it’s too big – and while saying a new moon invocation or thinking of all your intentions, burn the piece of paper in the fire. While seeing this paper burn, imagine all your intentions floating towards the sky and new moon. As you do so, let it all go and trust in the process that everything will work out for your greatest good.

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