Crystal healing

Always wanted to know what you can do with gemstones? Which stone is useful for what? And which gems are good for beginners or advanced users? Oh wait… you didn’t know this is also the case with gems? Yup, there are crystals that are perfect for beginners and kids, but there are also gemstones that may be better suited for those who have some experience working with crystals.

There is so much choice, so many different crystals. Where do you even start, right?! Well… You should start with the Magical Crystal Manifesto!

The Magical Crystal Manifesto is the ultimate guide to using gemstones and minerals. The handbook with which you can immediately get started with gemstones. Because whether you want to know how to cleanse gemstones, how to activate gemstones or use them in your own healing work, nothing beats 1 clear guide in which everything is explained. That’s the Magical Crystal Manifesto, a 45-page gemstone manual, packed with tips and tricks!

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