Aren’t you sick and tired of this shit?
Sick and tired of the self loathing? 
Done with the bad self image?

Sick and tired of feeling insecure? Not good enough? Not pretty enough? Not happy enough? Not healthy enough? Not smart enough? Not sucesful enough? Not worthy enough? Not deserving enough?

Aren’t you just totally DONE with the way you love and accept yourself at this very moment???
Wait. What?!
“But I don’t love myself. And accpeting myself? What does that even mean?”
I hear you!
Accepting yourself and every bit of who you are, and then actually loving yourself. That might sound like something that is just not for you. As if you feel like life is just always a struggle, and perhaps you don’t even deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.
And meanwhile you look at these other men and women around you. Being happy. Totally accpeting themselves. Loving themself. Being proud of who they are. No insecurities. Just radiating self love. And to be honest, how does it seem that life seems to be working out so good for them too?! That’s not fair!
But it is!
I know, the truth sounds harsh and unfair. But this is how manifestation also works. This is the Law of Attraction at work here.
It all starts from the inside out. Feeling good about yourself, accepting yourself, loving yourself. It results in you acting differently. Behaving differently. Treating yourself differently. Being kinder to yourself, taking better care of yourself. And it even goes so far that you’ll talk differently. To yourself obviously, but also to others. Your energy or vibration has shifted.
And that? That’s the start to create a different life. A life in which YOU feel better and more positve, and therefore attract more positivity into your life.
Energy attracts like energy.
And simple as that, you can’t expect to not like yourself (= negative energy) but simlutanously attract good things in your life (= positive energy). What you focus on grows, but it does come from inside of you.
So I ask you: What is it worth to YOU to start changing your life? To feel better about yourself? To create a loving and lasting relationship with yourself? To accept every aspect of yourself? All quirks, all crazy parts, all fun and caring parts? All of it! What would it mean to you if you were to feel THAT good about yourself?

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It’s a program that i’ve designed FOR YOU, all to get you inspired and motivated to turn things around. It will show you how to get rid of that screaming voice inside of you that keeps pulling you down. That stops you from fully loving the person who you TRULY are.  These training gives you a kick-start into creating your dream life where you finally believe in yourself and know thet you are worth it. Because let’s get real here:

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The key to finding happiness

Happiness shows itself in many different ways. And sometimes it might NOT be the way that you were looking for, but it’s just there. Unexpected and absolutely gorgeous.

As I was entering our home from bringing the kids to school and daycare, I started to feel a bit worried. You know those worries where you’re thinking about money, all the things that you want to do, things that you’re scared of doing. And then it all quickly spirales down into this negative mood. Negative energy. That kind that you most definitely don’t want to stay in for too long.

Whenever I catch myself with such thoughts, I try to grab hold of ’em as fast as I can. And actively focus on it, so that I can change it into something better. I guess it’s actually a combination of reframing my thougts into different and more positive thoughts, as well as actively doing something that feels good.

One thing that still brings me lots of joy, it’s taking care of our plants. Watering the plants, repotting the plants, seeing them grow or bloom, all of it. So that’s what I did, while constantly reminding myself of POSITIVE thoughts. And it works! It’s one of the quickest ways to feel better.

So while I was grabbing an old pot for a plant, I noticed that our son Jiro had put some of his little “treasures” in the pot. Sticks, stones, puzzle pieces, it was all there. Including this gorgeous oyster shell and a black feather. Don’t ask me where he found the oyster shell! The last time we ate oysters was in the summer while on holiday in France…. Anyhow, these pretties are just lifting my mood. Simply by looking at it, knowing how he hid these in our hallway in a pot we didn’t use up until now. But also because the oyster and feather have such a gorgeous spiritual meaning too.

The OYSTER is one of the most inspirational creatures. It’s an animal that literally turns dirt, sand and stress into a pearl. From not the most pretty things, into an actual gem. The pearl transmutes negative energy into something positive. Isn’t that amazing?

This peaceful creatures is grown in the sea where it’s submerged in turbulent water with currents and changing tides. But it just hangs on! Never letting go while remaining calm. It’s all needed for the growth. Turbulence is needed for growth. So the oyster is such a good example that problems, negative situations and even stress, can be turned into beautiful situations. I’d say that this is pretty cool!

Now, the BLACK FEATHER also has an amzing spiritual meaning. It is believed by many native cultures that birds and feathers have mystical meaning, carry magic and it’s even said to be a sacred connection to God, Source, the Divine, or however you want to call it. They say that when “Feathers appear, angels are near.” Isn’t that cool?! A feather is believed to be a cosmic way of saying hello, showing you that you are safe and protected. It’s there to comfort you and give you joy. And joy is a positive emotion thus higher vibration. The one that you will want to be in as much as you can.

Now as for this black feather that I found, it’s spiritual meaning is to stay strong no matter what’s happening. You’re protected by the angels and the Divine, so whatever is happening happens for the greater good of you. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. You are safe! That sounds amazing right?!

Being happy or finding happiness is something so many people want in life. But we often forget that it’s actually all little things combined that give you a sense of happiness. And you do need to be willing to see the smaller things, open yoursrlf up to seeing the good, allow yourself to receive amazing signs that lift your mood.

The search for happiness CAN be an endless search, with you never actually finding it if you don’t know how it realy works. I find that quite sad. Knowing how many people are in search of happiness, but not knowing what it really means.

The key here is to change your perspective on it. What IS happiness really? What makes you feel happy? Is it really all about material things such as cars, holidays, designer clothes and shoes? Or can happiness also be found in smaller things that you enjoy seeing or doing?

I believe that the way to happiness is combining small things that make you happy. That way you raise your vibration to a higher level, which then allows you to SEE positive things in life. And by being in that state of mind, you’ll attract more positivity into your life. Even the bigger things you dream of.

So whatever you do, focus on how you feel. Your energy. Your vibration. THAT is the only thing that really matters!

Why do we need a wake-up call?

It always makes my heart sing when someone tells me about their wake-up call and how it changed their life for the better.

Earlier this morning, when I went to a seafood shop that we’ve never been to before, the owner was happy to have me and Ronin as his first customers of the day. Wanting to chat, he almost instantly shared his life story with me. I don’t know what it is, it’s something that happens wherever I go. People just feel safe and want to share their complete life story with me. I always feel grateful when people do, it’s just heartwarming to hear their stories.


This seafood salesman / business owner told me how he always used to think that making money was the most important thing in the world. He would leave his hous at 6am to sell fish at a market, only to arive back home around 7pm. He did have a fancy car, owned a nice house, went on lots of holidays with his family. But it all revolved around making enough money for his pension, some day in the future.

Untill he had a heart attack.
Follwed by another one.

Talking to this man, I could see how it had changed him. I don’t know the man, but the change was clearly visible. Nowadays, he just does what makes him happy. Yes, he owns his seafood store and works there many days a week. But he refuses to live his life like he did before. It’s all about passion now. Enjoying his life, enjoying time he spents with his family, enjoying his health.

I guess we’ve all heard plenty of such of stories. How so many people first have to have quite a rude wake-up call or a spiritual awakening to realize what’s really important in life.

We’ve seen this first hand with my dad too. Always working and trying to climb the corporate ladder even further. All so that he (and we) could enjoy the fruits of his labour.

He earned a pretty damn high salary, which allowed us to have a luxurious life. He ensured that we would always be taken care of financially.

But then, after he was laid off from his job at Philips – which was his own choice and he was generously paid for – he got ill. So even though he had a really nice amount of money in his bank account, he wasn’t able to enjoy it. The doctors estimated he would only have a few months left to live.

Against all odds, he lived for 5 more years after the surgery, but he was never same again. Money didn’t matter anymore. As long as he would be able to live in his own home, spend time with us and enjoy his garden, he was HAPPY. It was all that mattered. Especially being around his family.

This isn’t a unique ‘story’ and neither is that from the business owner I spoke with. I mean, how often have you heard about people working all their life, saving money for their pension because then (only then) they will have the freedom to finally enjoy life? And by the time that their pension starts, they are terminally il, or die from a stroke or heart attack.

It amazes me how very often this happens. It seems to become quite normal even.

Why would you wait with enjoying life until your pension starts?

And even more so…
Why would we – as human beings – need such a rude wake-up call to finally realize that it’s actually the other way around???

Enjoy your life now.
Enjoy your health.
Enjoy the freedom that you have.
Enjoy spending time with your family.

You never know how long you’ve got left, so why wait?! It makes no sense to wait with enjoying your life to the max. You only really have this moment, now. Constantly looking back at your past, doesn’t help you in enjoying this very moment. Neither does it to keep on thinking about things that may or may not happen in the future. You only really have this moment. Now.

And if that means that the Universe/God/Higher Self/Soul has to rudely wake you up, so that you’ll come to realize that this is true. Then so it must be. It’s only happening for the greater good of you, no matter how aweful/painful it might feel when you’re going through it. It really is happening FOR you, so that you’ll grow and come to see what’s important and what not.

You can only live your life once, so make the best of it!

5 Things to know about your spiritual awakening

I have seen so many people go through their own awakening, only to dismiss it and slowly but steadily go back to how life was before. Before the burnout, before the time that their body shut down, before the period of depression. All the way back to how life was, before it was turned upside down.

But the thing is, that these challenging times happened for a reason. To awaken you. To abruptly stop you with what you’re doing and make you SEE, HEAR and FEEL that life like that can’t go on. That you need a change. A drastic change.

With the HUGE awakening that has been happening worldwide over the past years, many people have been called to make a change. To release all things that no longer serve the newer version of “you”, in order for you to get closer to who you’ve always been on the inside. It’s all happening so that the newer version of you can come through.

But in order to do so, it must first shed all the layers that don’t go with it. All so that you can finally start living life more purposefully. To live according your one true purpose. I mean, you already know you’re here with a purpose. That you’re meant to do something special with your life. Not just go to a job, make money, pay bills, and only enjoy some spare time in the weekends. That’s not what your life is all about, and you know it. You’ve always felt that you were born to do more, be more, have more. Now is the time to allow this to happen and finally become this purpose-driven person that you’ve always been. That’s what your awakening is all about!

There’s an important reason as to why you’ve been through all the things that you went through. It happened to prepare yourself for the life ahead of you. For the greatness inside of you to come through. To make you strong and resilient. And 
for you to allow yourself to shed the darkness, so that more light can come in. And in doing so, you’ll inspire more people to do the same. They see how powerful you are, how well you’re doing and that shows them that this is also available to them. YOU inspire others through your own awakening.

But it does require you to go through some of the mud yourself first. There’s no healing when you keep running away from the things that scare you, whether it’s something related to trauma or perhaps just fear of rejection. It really doesn’t matter what the source of your fear is, but the only way past is through. And by going through it, you experience a sense of healing which will lead to YOU being an inspiration to others.

So yes, your own spiritual awakening can be a bit… Let’s say “rough”.

For me personally, it dug up all the trauma, hurt and pain that I have ever experienced. In the end, it left me feeling as if I was going insane. My mind appeared to be going separate ways from my body, leaving me with a body that was literally stuck in the trauma (I couldn’t move or even stand up straight). All the while my higher self or intuition started guiding me and telling me things, such as how I should choose between ending my life or finally making it worth living. It was loud. There was so much going on inside my head – my intuition saying one thing, ego saying other things – that I’ve banged my head against the wall in attempts to make it all stop. It was rough.

Should you happen to be going thorugh such a phase of awakening right now, just remember this:

1. No, you’re not going crazy. No need to go to a mental institution!

2. Yes, the world may seem completely upside down. You’ll question everything and it will all make perfect sense in the end.

3. This too shall pass. It really will! Just take it day by day.

4. You’ll learn so much that you’ll grow faster than you could’ve ever imagined.

5. It’s safe. You’re safe. And you’ll be just fine. Just go with the flow!

So let that wild fire inside of you burn it all down, so that you can start afresh. New. Strong. Inspirational. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes!


💢 What the hell is happening?! It’s so quiet now. So peaceful, easy going, relaxed. Hm. What do I do now?

Okay, this is too quiet. Too peaceful, too relaxed.
I’m getting bored now. I need excitement!

And you know what? This is all wrong. It can’t be good. Life can’t be this good. It’s like the calm before the storm. Something is about to go terribly wrong. I just know!

Something MUST go wrong. I KNOW something will go wrong. It’s always like that, like a rollercoaster. 💢

So I ask myself…

It’s one of those questions I keep on asking myself while journaling, even though I already know the answer.
But it fascinates me. And it amazes me at the same time.

Funny thing is that I can’t seem to find anything about it on the internet. As if no one else feels the need to discuss this. Or perhaps because its too challenging to even think about.

👉 Why would anyone be ADDICTED to challenges?

👉 Can you even be addicted to STRUGGLES?

👉 And, why would anyone ever WANT or NEED difficulties?

👉 Let alone, go LOOKING for ’em? Creating it?

Right? I know that’s what you’re probably thinking while reading this. “Has she completely lost her mind? Why would anyone WANT struggles in their life? Doesn’t everybody just want a happy and easy life?!”.

But it’s true though. You can absolutely be addicted to difficulties, struggles, challenges.

I used to tell myself that I NEED challenges. Why? Because otherwise life gets boring. It gets dull, too relaxed, too easy going. And I just don’t know how to handle that.


Yes, of course this has to do with the fact that my brain is so used to the fight-or-flight mode that I have lived in for so long. It’s like my own “normal”. Anything other than SURVIVAL MODE, is scary as shit for my brain.

👀 You see….
For those of us who’ve had lots of struggles in life, the FEELING that difficulties give is a familiar feeling. You KNOW it well. It just feels so familiar, that it actually feels safe.

😵 Yes. Struggles feel safe! 😵
I know, it’s mind-boggling. But you understand this IF you’re one of us.


You just know how it works. You know the drill. You know how to survive. You know what you need to do. You know exactly what to do. Always.

I remember talking to someone with a similar past as mine. And how we just know EXACTLY what to do whenever life becomes challenging again. Since we’ve dealt with it so many times, it’s like going on automatic pilot.

➡️ Shut off all emotions.
➡️ Okay, autopilot on.
➡️ Do whatever needs to be done.
➡️ Back to survival mode.

But when life seems good? Easy? Everything going the way we actually WANT it to go?

That’s scary! Because HOW do you deal with that, when your mind just screams for the excitment and feeling of safety that comes with struggles???



 By relesasing the need for it.
 Over and over, and over again.
 And then some more.

And yes, tonight I’m releasing this crazy ass addiction too. Again. And again. And over and over again. Until it’s completely replaced with a deep belief that it’s safe for me to always enjoy an easy going life.

You can do this too, gorgeous. I know you can. You’ve got this!


Ashes to ashes.

Earth to earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

I’ve always had a fascination for these words. Like a bizarre kind of love for this piece of text.

Just now, while drying myself after a shower, my towel got stuck on my necklace. My very special necklace with my dad’s ashes in it.
And so come back this fascination for these words. But now I finally understand it. Just by having a memory popping up so clearly now.

A week after my dad’s cremation, we were invited back in the crematorium to gather his ashes. A strange moment. Up until that very moment, my dad had been an actual person made of flesh and bones. Even of he was already cremated. In my mind, he was still a human being with an actual body.

So here we are. Sitting at this table in a special office. Drinking coffee, and waiting for the woman we had the appointment with, to come meet us there.
We, my little sis and I, are nervous. It’s so unreal. Being in this office, surrounded by glass cabinets that showcase urns that you can buy. As if your at a jeweller looking at the more exclusive jewelry. But we’re looking at urns….

And then the woman comes in. She tries to do her best to make us feel at ease. She truly feels sorry for us, I can see it. It’s the way she talks to us. The exact way that many others have been talking to us the past weeks. All looking at us, as if we’re just small kids who lost their dad. As if we’re now just “lost” without a parent to look after us. After a short talk, she hands over a plastic urn. We have not decided yet to do with the ashes, but we all know an urn isn’t what we want. So then there’s just a temporary black plastic can.

It’s a huge thing. And it’s pretty heavy too. I didn’t expect this. In fact, I didn’t know what to expect at all. But here it is. An urn. With ashes in it. Lots of ashes. From our dad. It’s such a crazy thought that this, these ashes, is our dad. Was our dad…

Because now I understand it. I can feel it. Even more clear now that his body is gone.

It’s just ashes. Dust, if you will…

Our body’s are just the vessel. A vessel that carries a soul, a person with character traits, and a will to live. And without all of that, it’s empty. There’s nothing more then just flesh and bones, or ashes after a cremation. Ready to be returned to it’s home.

It’s up us to decide what we do with our body, before our time has come to return it to the earth. Do you just sit it out? Waiting for the end the come? Or are you going ALL IN? Knowing there’s only this one life you have NOW?

So yes…

Earth to earth
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes

Time for a RESTART

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Me and my addiction

My name is Larissa and I’m an addict. 

There. I said it.

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m addicted to many many things. Some of which I’ll quickly share below.

The really good, strong one made from high quality beans. Espresso, cappuccino or latte. All fine by me! If anyone ever invents an iv drip with whoch you can get coffee straight jnto your body, all day long, I’ll be the first line!

 Flowers and plants.
I have a real need to be surrounded by fresh flowers and tropical plants. Without it, I feel incomplete. As if a piece of me is missing.

Omg! If you know me just a little bit, you know I’m obsessed with shoes. Preferably Louboutins. It’s quite the special addiction I’ve got going here. This is a deep rooted love!

Oh I love food!!! Perhaps it has to do with being half Indonesian. I grew up being surrounded by food. Got people coming over, whether you know this or not? There’s ALWAYS food to be shared. And not staying for dinner is actually just not accepted according to Indonesian customs.

But the worst addiction, seriously the Worst. Addiction. Ever….



It’s actually quite a disgusting addiction. I might even have to call it a love- hate relationship. Telling me I have a sweet tooth, isn’t going to do it. It’s way worse.

To be honest, I have always loved all things sugary. And I don’t even care if it’s cake, candy, ice cream, sweetened drinks, whatever. As long as it’s sweet, I want it. I need it. I love it. 

But yeah, somehow my body has figured out a way of putting an end to this. Or well… It’s TRYING to put an end to this. It’s been doing that since 2012 already.

 Yay for fibromyalgia flares being triggered by refined sugar. 

But I just can’t stop it!!

Even with my body in so much pain that I have to crawl up our stairs….

With so much pain that all I can do, is lay down wherever I possibly can…

And with so much pain again that – lately – I can’t even undress myself…

I just can’t stop it…

So guess its save to say that it’s an addiction. Right?! 

And I know so many people – if not most – have the exact same addiction. Whether they know it or not.

 Yes, I see you too!!! 

Trying to act as if eating (or drinking) that much sugar is “normal”. And “it’s really not that bad!”. Or “there’s nothing wrong with eating an entire bar of chocate!”.

A few months ago, I was watching a tv show in which women were given makeovers. Cool!

One woman had lost 65kg – I just looked it up – all on her own without ANY help or surgery. That’s getting rid of ME and 10kg extra… So cool that she was able to do this! 

She shared her story of how she did it. And what it basically came down to, was cutting all the sugar out of her diet. Add in some more veggies and fruit, and a little exercise too, and that’s how she did it.

Losing 65kg by changing your eating habits. Clean eating and moving your body. I’m truly fascinated by her story! 

Sure, her sugar intake was higher than most of us would consider healthy (couple of cans of energy drink a day, a bottle of coke per day, a box of chocolates as a morning snack, cookies in the afternoon, followed by fries and more snacks for dinner). But for her? This was her normal back then! She didn’t know any better. And this was her way of comforting herself.

You see, I know that most of us aren’t taught how important our food really is. What it really does to our body. Not just with regards to weight, but so much more. 

In my journey to get rid of my fibro pain, i learned that sugar acts as a trigger for pain. I learned how our intestines help in producing hormones that can make you feel not so good, unhappy and negative if you feed your body the wrong types of food. 

But I also learned that the human body is capable of so much more than most of us realize. It can regenerate itself. Most parts of the body regenerate itself all the time. And by giving it proper food, healthy food, you can speed up the process. 

Yes, I’m highly addicted to sugar. Quite possibly, YOU are too. But it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

For me?
The one thing that really helps in quitting sugar again? That’s a juicing cleanse. Period.

It acts like rebooting my body, and allows for all the toxins to leave my body. So that I can start over fresh, pain free and energized. 

Isn’t that what we all want?!

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Ik heb ernstig behoefte aan een reiniging ofwel een detox. Zie het als een herstart voor mijn lichaam dat de gifstoffen moet verwijderen. Toxines zoals suiker, gluten en koolhydraten… alle dingen die mijn lichaam pijn doen lijden, naast stress.

Doe jij met me mee???

De komende dagen begin ik met de voorbereidingen, waarna ik met de 5 daagse cleanse start op maandag 10 september.

 Wil JIJ mee doen? 
Leren hoe jij dit ook kan doen, en wat het nou precies is dat ik doe tijdens een reiniging / detox?

Maar waarom een detox, vraag jij je af?

Herinner je je al die troep die je in je lichaam hebt gestopt? Al het eten en die drankjes die je fysieke lichaam niet dienen? De geraffineerde suikers, koolhydraten, gluten, koffie, alcohol. 

En als je ook maar enigszins bent zoals ik, vind je deze dingen vast heerlijk. Oh, de ijsjes, de pizza’ s, snoep en al het brood met speciale kaasjes. Jammie! En het tot een minimum houden, is gewoon niet iets wat we doen. Toch?!

Maar op een gegeven moment moet het naar buiten komen. Moet het uit je lichaam. Of anders stapelt het zich op, en leidt het tot ongewenste symptomen.

Ken je dat vieze opgeblazen gevoel? De krampen in je buik? Of zelfs je niet zo goed uitziendende huid met wat oneffenheden?

Yup, dat is het. Dat is het helemaal. Want wat wij eten en drinken speelt een enorme rol inhoe ons lichaam zich gedraagt. En zelfs hoe je huid er dus ook uit ziet!

En voor mij?

Voor mij gaat het zelfs nog een stapjeverder. Deze voedselwaren zijn voor ijn lichaam triggers voor pijn. Immense fibromyalgie pijn. Zo erg zelfs dat ik de laatste dagen ‘s avonds de trap niet meer op kan lopen van de pijn, en gedragen moet worden. Omdat ik dus zoveel pijn heb.

Het effect van suiker en gluten op vormen van reuma wordt nu al een aantal jaren wetenschappelijk bestudeerd. En degenen met vormen van reuma, die weten hoe ze hun inname van dat alles onder controle hebben? Wij leven een gelukkig en gezond leven, zelfs met een chronische ziekte als fibromyalgie. 

Ik ben vrij van pijn zolang ik let op wat ik eet. Zo werkt het nu eenmaal. Omdat ik m’n lichaam alleen de juiste voedselwaren geef die deze enorme pijntriggers niet veroorzaken.

Oké, de laatste tijd heb ik er totaal niet meer aan gedacht. At ik wat ik wilde eten, wanneer ik wilde en hoe vaak ik wilde. Het was GE-WEL-DIG! Precies wat ik wilde tijdens de zomervakantie. Ik voelde me vrij. Eindelijk weer vrij. Jaaa!!!

Tot de fibro me een klap in mijn gezicht gaf om weer eens “hi” te zeggen… 

Hoog tijd om terug te gaan naar wat het beste werkt voor mijn lichaam. Gezond eten, schoon eten. Ontgiften wat niet langer mijn lichaam dient.

Hoe ik dit doe? Met een 5-daagse detox. Een slow juice detox of reiniging. 

 5 dagen lang slow juices drinken voor ontbijt, snack en lunch. (als een slow juicer niet beschikbaar is waar ik ben, dan maak ik er gewoon een groene smoothie van.)

 5 dagen gezond eten voor het diner.

 5 dagen lang heel veel thee en water drinken.

En het werkt. Het werkt altijd.

En het super coole is? Het werkt ook voor zoveel andere dingen. Hier is wat een detox nog meer doet:

 beter uitziende huid
 beter zicht
 meer energie
 gelukkiger voelen
 gezonder voelen
 Trots op jezelf zijn
 Oh…En gewicht verlies!
 Minder vocht vasthouden
 weg met opgeblazen gevoel
 weg met buikpijn
 betere verbinding met je hogere zelf
 en je voelt je veel meer in tune met je lichaam!

Een reiniging of een detox is gewoon zo’ n geweldige manier om je lichaam een restart te geven. Een reboot die we allemaal af en toe kunnen gebruiken. Omdat het gewoon zo freaking goed is!!! 


Er zijn een aantal belangrijke dingen die je moet weten voordat je een detox begint. Wat er kan gebeuren, hoe je je moet voorbereiden (ja, je moet je lichaam er voor voorbereiden! ), en wat je eigenlijk kunt drinken of eten terwijl je dit doet.

Ik ben nu al vele jaren mijn eigen proefpersoon, dus ik weet wat er gedaan moet worden. Ik heb dit alles tot in de puntjes bestudeerd, en ook de dure sapkuren gedaan. En nu kun JIJ mijn kennis gebruiken.


Waarom gratis?

Omdat ik vind dat de wereld een vreemde plek is waarin geraffineerde suikers en andere slechte levensmiddelen / drankjes een standaard onderdeel van ons dieet is geworden. Wij, als mensen, lijken werkelijk alle kennis te hebben verloren van wat ons lichaam echt nodig heeft. Het loopt de spuigaten uit, maar iedere dag weer geven we onszelf meer en meer troep te eten. En er is niemand die ons of onze kinderen leert dat dit niet normaal is.

Maar het is allemaal zo ontzettend logisch! En het werkt. Zelfs je darmen weten dat dit werkt. Als je het troep voedt, helpen je darmen met het aanmaken van hormonen aan waardoor jij je minder gelukkig voelt. Wetenschappelijk bewezen! Dus eet je het juiste voedsel, dan helpen je darmen dus weer om hormonen te produceren waardoor je je beter voelt. Klinkt logisch, toch?!



Ik doe de cleanse SAMEN met jou, wat betekent dat je mijn volledige steun hebt tijdens het proces. En ja, natuurlijk krijg je ook alle voorbereidingsinfo, zodat we maandag 10 september samen kunnen beginnen.

Interesse? Ja toch?! Download dan hier snel JOUW gids om te starten met de Happy & healthy5 day cleanse.

Download hier de gids Ultieme groene recepten

Your life is your message!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on this amazing “inner journey” for a long time.

🌟 knowing there was more.
🌟 knowing I’m destined for more.
🌟 knowing I’m here for a reason, my purpose.

But yeah… What could that be??? And why can’t anyone here on earth just freaking tell me what I should actually do?! 😤

How about you? Sounds familiar?

Maybe you’re still in the middle of this internal fight. Stuck in a job that you do on a daily basis, but of which you KNOW you can do so much more than that. But what?!

Or maybe you’re in the middle of a different kind of personal crisis. Burn-out, depression, or maybe even money struggles. And you ask yourself, “What exactly is the reason for all this drama?”


What’s the reason YOU have to go through this?

I believe that everything we experience in our life, happens for a reason. You grow through it, you learn from it. And what else?

Well, it makes you – with everything you’ve been through and learned – a true source of inspiration for another.


Maybe you don’t even know this. Maybe you don’t even know how wise you are. Knowing things that seem totally normal for you. Life lessons you’ve learned a long long time ago.

But for someone else? It could be the exact thing that someone else needs. <3