Your life is your message!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on this amazing “inner journey” for a long time.

🌟 knowing there was more.
🌟 knowing I’m destined for more.
🌟 knowing I’m here for a reason, my purpose.

But yeah… What could that be??? And why can’t anyone here on earth just freaking tell me what I should actually do?! 😤

How about you? Sounds familiar?

Maybe you’re still in the middle of this internal fight. Stuck in a job that you do on a daily basis, but of which you KNOW you can do so much more than that. But what?!

Or maybe you’re in the middle of a different kind of personal crisis. Burn-out, depression, or maybe even money struggles. And you ask yourself, “What exactly is the reason for all this drama?”


What’s the reason YOU have to go through this?

I believe that everything we experience in our life, happens for a reason. You grow through it, you learn from it. And what else?

Well, it makes you – with everything you’ve been through and learned – a true source of inspiration for another.


Maybe you don’t even know this. Maybe you don’t even know how wise you are. Knowing things that seem totally normal for you. Life lessons you’ve learned a long long time ago.

But for someone else? It could be the exact thing that someone else needs. <3

The big advantage that YOU have compared to Amazon, Ebay,

🚫 Hold up! Stop right there!!!

Are you still looking up at the big players online while thinking to yourself:

I need to do the exact same as they’re doing.
I need to promote my online business and products the same way.
I need to act just like them.
I need to be just like them….

… Because that’s the way it is done, so that must be the ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS!

Totally wrong!!!

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Keep dreaming, keep building!

That moment that you realize that you’re not building just 1 new online store, but 4 

Call us crazy.
Call us unreal.
Call us dreamers.

But in the end…
At least we did it and followed our gut feelings, our intuition. No matter the time it takes. No matter how busy we are. And no matter the challenges it might bring.

This is how you do it:


Yes, it’s truly as simple as that. And sure, we also need to be reminded of this sometimes too. But when we get over our own BS, we always know it’s only a matter of doing it.

Start with what you know that needs to be done.Take the first step. Even if it might seem scary. Even if you don’t know what other steps to take.

Because that – the next step to take – just doesn’t matter. You don’t need to have it all figured out when you start. You don’t! Just take the first step and then you’ll see what’s next. The next step will reveal itself. ALWAYS!


 Get out of your own way.
 Take the fucking first step.
 Don’t be bothered by limitations.
 Don’t stop if you don’t know how.
 Hire people if needed.
 Stick with your vision.
 And create the dream life!

Because that’s what this is all about!


That’s how it’s done 


Are you ready to up your business game? To finally make it into the success that you had once envisioned it to be? You know… The one vision that you kept telling yourself about when you started your business? The successful business that you would create. The freedom it would get you. All the money and fame with it. One day. One fine day, you would have created all of that….

Let’s do this! Together. You and I. For 16 weeks.
I’ll take you on an amazing journey. One that will change everything. I’ll show you everything you need to give your business (and life) a kick in the ass.



Choose positive thoughts
Choose to see the good
In everything and everyone
And even in yourself

Sounds crazy, right?! Impossible even?

But it’s not. I can tell you – from my own experience – that it’s not impossible. Yes, it might take practice. Daily and consistent practice. But the more you do so, the better you become at it.

I mean, your mind believes the things you tell it. The things that you tell yourself. So you have a choice, my dear. What do you want to tell yourself? What do you want to believe? Be? Feel?

 Want to fill your mind with negative thoughts? There’s plenty to think of, right? About your surroundings, your body, your financial situation, your health, your life. Trust me, I KNOW.

And you know what? Your mind will believe these things, with ease. The better you get at doing so, the faster your mind wil believe these things. No matter if they are true or not.


 Choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Choose to see the good in every situation. Find something difficult to deal with? Just look into that. Why is it difficult? Why is this triggering you?
There’s a reason that it does, and that’s the interesting thing. The one thing that will let you learn from it, grow from it. Look at it with interest. Dig deep into that. Find the truth, and then twist it into something positive.

You see? It’s always a choice. You always have the choice to think positive thoughts, to see the good in everything and everyone. Even in yourself.

So be gentle on yourself. Talk to yourself with love. Accept what is, and see the good in it all. This…. Exactly this is the thing that will change the way you look at yourself. How you look at others, and even at life.


Truthbomb alert!

There’s something that has to be said. Something that I feel needs to be shared. Something that a lot of us know, but refuse to see.


Monday is just a day! A day just as any other day. And the fact that it’s named “Monday” doesn’t mean shit. That’s just a name made up by people, so that we would know what day of the week it is. But still, it’s just a day.

So how did you wake up this morning? Dreading Monday again? Like so many others do? Every week? For months or even years on end?

“Oh shit, the new week has started. Oh crap, I need to go to work. Again…. Please let me stay in bed. I don’t want to go.”

I remember those days. Clearly. Oh the things that I tried to keep my mind of the idea of going to work. Snoozing the alarm, as many times as I possibly could. Then, when finally getting out of bed, dreading to even get dressed. And once I had breakfast, I would just find whatever chore possible to stay at home just a litlle bit longer. Cleaning the kitchen? No problem, I’ll just do that now. Folding laundry? Ok, let’s do that now too. Yup. All those silly household tasks that I would normaly dread, gave me instant joy.

And then the drive to the office. Oh boy! Being relieved that you would get stuck in a huge traffic jam. Yes, that’s one hour less of being stuck in the office! Woohoo!

Finally reaching the office, and then instantly getting this heavy feeling. You having to force yourself to get out of the car. Force yourself to walk into the office. And then tell yourself it’s all OK. You’ll probably just need some coffee first and then you’ll feel better. Ready for this new Monday.

But the thing is:
It’s not about Monday. Monday doesn’t suck. Monday never sucked. And Monday will never suck.
It’s not about Monday and it will never be about Monday.

It’s something else that causes this feeling, and you damn well know what it is.

It’s your job. It’s the things you do to earn a living. And if you currently don’t have a job, it’s the things you do daily just to keep busy.


It’s boring you.
It’s boring your brain.
It’s boring your soul.
It’s boring and you know it!

Whoops. Did I just say that? Did I just mention the elephant in the room? Sure did! And you know it’s true.

The things you do on Monday, or any other day of the week, are boring you. If you were having fun….

Loving your job….
Loving the way you make money….
Loving the way you live life even…

Then you would not be dreading Monday. You would LOVE it! A new week with new exciting things to do. A new week filled with adventures. A new week filled with crazy fun things that you’ve got planned. You would wake up – considering you’ve had a good night sleep – feeling ready to kick ass and start working again.

You can refuse to see it this way. Fine by me. Just means that you’ll stay stuck in this “Damn-I-Hate-Monday-Feeling”.

Or… Silly me for saying this!

You can make a change. Find something that excites you and do that instead. Just go ahead and give your brain things it’s excited about. That way you no longer dread Monday. It really is that simple. So stop making it so damn hard on yourself!

Real and dark!

Let’s talk about darkness. Real darkness.
The darkness that is part of you. Of me. Of us.
The darkness that resides in all of us.

There’s such a huge taboo on real darkness.
On sadness. On depression. And above all, on suicidal thoughts. Like we can’t talk about this in a normal way. That there has to be shame, blame and guilt around it all.

Who the hell are you to feel sad, depressed or even suicidal? Who the hell do you think you are to think about ending your life? You were given this life, so better live it. It’s precious. It’s a gift. It’s a miracle. So don’t you dare feel sad, depressed or even suicidal.




Yes, I know. It frequently has to do with religion too. Being posessed by evil spirits, the devil himself. Whatever you want to call it. All so called reasons why you are not allowed to be like that. To have such dark feelings. But still…


It’s about damn time that we admit it. Darkness is part of all of us. You can try to ignore it, think you don’t have it in you. But that’s a whole lot of BS right there. We all have at least the tiniest bit of darkness inside of us. Everyone.

You sometimes feel angry? You feel hurt? Or you feel sad?

Well hello!!! That is part of this darkness!

It’s part of who we are. We can’t live our life without it. We just can’t. It’s part of all of us. Including you!

But for some…
Perhaps for more than you might realize…
Perhaps even for you…

This darkness gets too overwhelming. It’s too much to bare. It’s all just too much…

You just want it to stop. It’s too much. You see no way out of the darkness, the emptiness and the pain. Oh, the constant pain…

Please make it stop!
Please make an end to this.
Please make it all go away.
Or better yet, make me go away.

Away from it all.
Away from the pain.
Away from the pain.
Away from the sadness.
Away from the hurt.
Away from the lonliness.
Away from the emptiness.
Away from it all.

Do you know what it’s like? The constant internal struggle with yourself. The things that you tell yourself. Or tell God or whoever or whatever you believe in. Do you know???

First it starts with asking. Then begging. And then? Then you start contemplating on how you could do it yourself. It doens’t matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore. It’s all too dark now.

But then it get’s crazy. Really crazy. Because then society buts in. Family, friends, people you know, people you don’t know, the way society perceives this…
Everyone sharing their thoughts on this, whether you asked for it or not. Mostly not, obviously.

Saying that you’re crazy. Telling you to be ashamed. That you should feel guilty. All because you see NO WAY OUT!

How dare you think these thoughts!
How dare you contemplate such things!
How dare you be willing to leave behind everyone that you love!
How dare you take matters into your own hands!
How dare you play God!

And this is exactly what makes it such a taboo to talk about. Could we not please make an end to this taboo? Not being able to talk about it only makes it worse.

And when you do? When you finally find the courage to open up and talk about it?

You get told all these things. Why? WHY?
It clearly doesn’t do it any good…

Yes, I’ve been there.

I am one of these persons. I am one of you.
I know what it’s like to see no way out. To ask for an ending to it all. To even beg for a deadly accident to happen. To play with aspirins to see how many it would take. I have been on that side of darkness. For a long, long time.

But I did open up. I did chose to talk about it. Share my thoughts. Get the help I needed. Seek the light within me.

Yes, I got these crazy responses too. Didn’t do me any good. It only made it worse.

Being told – straight to my face, after opening up – that I “clearly have psychological PROBLEMS!”

That hurts. A lot. All this shame, blame and guilt makes the hurt worse than it already is.

So here’s to those standing beside someone going through this:

Please, please, please, PLEASE STOP THIS!

Please stop…
Saying these hurtful things to the one you love. It is not helping in any way, shape or form. It only makes it worse. Adding to the already existing feelings of shame, blame and guilt, is not helping your loved one. It’s not.

Please stop…
Giving advice, if you haven’t gone through this yourself. If you do not know what it’s like to feel depressed or suicidal, don’t give unsollicited advice. Just don’t. You don’t know what it’s like, so you can’t give advice.

Please stop…
Making your loved one feel it’s not OK to talk openly about this. Listen, talk, be there. But don’t shut him or her down. It only makes it worse.

Want to help?
Please start by doing things that work. Give love, undivided attention. Listen to this person, really listen. Just be there and perhaps even ask what he or she needs from you.

We want help. But mostly? Mostly we’re just afraid of asking, because we’re afraid of the response you’ll give.

So please!
Please know that this darkness is part of all of us. For some it’s just too much right now. And that’s OK to talk about. 💕


There… I said it. Think of me what you want. Think of me as irresponsible. Unprofessional. Stupid. Whatever…


All these stories going on about how Facebook keeps making it difficult for entrepreneurs to do their business here. The algorithm thing. The bait clicking thing. Now the post/video from Mr. Mark himself. It’s all too much.

Boys and girls, all you entrepreneurs out there….
Facebook is Facebook. Nothing has changed. Still not. It’s still the same damn thing.

Just think of how Facebook started of. It was a platform on which you could stay connected to people. It wanted to strenghten connections BETWEEN PEOPLE.

That’s what Facebook was created for, right? OK, and let’s not forget the fact that Mark probably saw it as an opportunity to make him some him money too. But hey…. we all want that.

Now, if you have an online shop like I have, just think of why people buy from you. Sure, they like your products. But that’s not all. It never was. They buy from you because you offer them something valuable. A solution to a problem. And they buy it from you. Yes, YOU!

They don’t buy something from this thing that we call a company. They don’t buy it from some fancy made up name. They buy a solution from a human being. A person. You!

People want real connections. Meaningful connections.
In real life, but also online. It’s all the same!

So is with choosing a company to buy goods from. Human beings are ALWAYS more attracted to real connections. It’s part of our internal system, our brain, our DNA, our genetics.

Think of it like this:
You need to buy something online. Now you get to choose where you to buy it.

There’s this person… You feel like you know him or her. Even though you have never even met in real life. You know this person. His or her humor, the things he/she likes and even dislikes. You even know really personal things about this person. You feel like you actually KNOW this person. Even if it’s just from Facebook. And now we’re at it… You even like this person!

There’s this huge company that sells a lot of different products. Yes, also the thing you need. You don’t the person behind the company. There’s no familiar face to this company. It’s just that…. A company. A name. In your mind you try to envision a building where the company is located. People working there. But you don’t know, do you? Because you don’t know anything about this company.

Now tell me:
Where will you buy the thing you need???

I just KNOW that you’ll go for the person you know. Or feel like you know. It’s that connection thing. You feel a CONNECTION with this person. And yes, that person happens to have a company that sells the thing you want.

Makes perfect sense right?!

Then why can’t you see how Facebook works for entrepeneurs? WHY???

It’s all about creating a connection. A real connection. People want real connections. Customers want real connections. And they want to buy from REAL PEOPLE.

So just show up as you. Be you. The real you. The interesting you.

The good.
The bad.
The ugly.
The funny.
The emotional.
The dark.
The light.
The real.
The one and only YOU!

That’s all that matters. Really.

You keep showing up!

I’m in a foul mood. Am I seriously going to write about that today? Hell yes, I am. Because if I have learned one thing from my mentor, is that you show up. Always. No matter how you feel, no matter if you feel like it or not. You just show up and let the message come out, no matter what. So here I am…

So what it is that I will be writing about to you?

Well, I have been crying this morning. Something happened, well… a lot of things happened actually. And then I just need to release all of it. It’s just the way it is. Just the way I work.

Sure, it all started with my throat being sore, my tonsils swollen, my nose stuffed. Didn’t sleep well either. And we all know what a bad night of sleep does, right?!

But I also know that a bad night, brings me to feeling a lot of things. Lots of emotions bubbling up. And that leads to epic writing. It always does. Thus I just show up and unleash the message from within….

As I said before, I was crying this morning. Now don’t go feeling sad for me. No need to do that! It’s all OK now.

It’s just this thing that keeps coming up. As a gentle reminder. Or perhaps not so gentle at all.

It’s lying. People lying to me. I can’t handle that. Still can’t. Still won’t.

I’ve been lied to countless times. Yes, I know, it happens to everyone. Yes, I know it hurts. Yes, I know it’s not fair. And that you don’t like it either. But it’s part of human beings right? Lying is normal, right? Everyone tells some lies from time to time, right?

Hell no!

I don’t know where you’re from, but in my world, in my vision of the world, telling a lie is never OK. Never.

Perhaps this has to do with my past. Being lied to was part of a mind-fuck that my mother was playing on me. On our entire family even. And not just that…. She even fooled everyone she encountered, with her lies. It was part of her being. Guess that’s why I hate lies. It was done too often too me. It was a part of my life for way too long. Became a part of me, even.

I mean, being lied to that often that you start to feel as if you are the crazy one? That it feels as if you are making things up? That you start to doubt your own sanity? That you no longer trust your own judgement? That you start to second-guess your own ability to remember things that happened?

Because perhaps…
Maybe the one telling the lies and making you believe the lies, was in fact right. Maybe the one doing this to you, knows more. Maybe you are in fact really insane, crazy, wrong. Maybe the lies are in fact true. And maybe… Just maybe… You’re the one seeing things wrong, even though you clearly know it’s all lies. But that doesn’t matter. You must be wrong. If someone tells you often enough that you’re wrong, crazy, insane… That must be true then.

There’s this crazy thing with a human brain. Tell it enough lies, and it will start believing the lies. Or at least doubting reality. You can do this with your own mind. You do this already, even if you’re not aware of it.
If you do it in a positive way, it’s mindset work. You simply trick your mind into believing positive things you tell yourself. Works like a charm! Or you tell yourself enough negative things and soon you’ll start believing these negative things to be true. Whatever works best for you, right?

But did you know…
Did you know that others can use these tricks on you too?

Sure you know. We all know how others can manipulate you into believing things, into seeing things a specific way.

But did you know?
Did you know that some people, perhaps even quite a lot of people, know how to use this power against people? It’s called gaslighting and is often done as a mind-game by manipulators and mentally unhealthy people.

All to make you doubt your own sanity. All to make you look like a fool. A fool who’s clearly wrong about everything, and the person doing this to you is always right. Duh…

Mind-fuckery at its best!

So yeah… I don’t do well with lies being told. Me being lied to. Even if, like this morning, I thought my son was telling a lie. Nothing big! I mean, he’s a kid and was just a bit worried that I would get angry at him over something he did. Guess he was wrong…. I’m more OK with him being a kid and doing crazy kid-stuff, than being lied to. Yes, this even goes for my kids. Lying about things? Not OK. Never.

Better be completely open and honest, and speak up. That’s what I value. That’s what I love. That’s what works best for me. And with me even.

So are you speaking up? Speaking your own truth? Being you? The real you! No holding back, no lying. Not to others, and clearly also not to yourself.

Time stood still…

I hear Raymond talking on the phone. It doesn’t sound good… This is bad. This is really bad. I can’t listen to this. I just can’t.

I run upstairs to our bedroom. Just let me go. Please don’t follow me. Don’t tell me what you just heard. Just don’t. I need to walk. Keep moving as if nothing is wrong.

This is not happening.
This is not true.
Not now.
Not now please.
It’s too soon.
It’s way too soon.

There he is. Ready to tell me…

But I already know. I can feel it. I just know…

“Laris, dad is… he’s dead…”

This was us, two years ago. Even around this exact time….

I can clearly remember that night. Jiro was in bed, and the two of us were watching a movie. A movie of which we were making fun, because “there’s so many people dying in this movie, it’s insane!”.

And then…

Everything changed.

Time stopped.

Nightmare began.

Hello death.

Bye dad.

Oh hi, Braxton hicks contractions at 25 weeks. Oh hi to you too, depression and c-ptsd.

Exactly 2 years ago everything was so different.

How we all have grown through it. How we all have learned from it. How we all survived it. And how we all thrive… despite of it.

The 8th will always be a sad date. But today was also a gorgeous sunny day. Exactly what my dad would have noticed about today. Because, a sunny day it was…. It really was!

To my dearest dad,
I love you.
I miss you.

My new 7-day program is here!

Destroy inner conflict and enjoy life again!

Start loving life again, because you truly deserve it.

Here’s to all the amazing women here. Those of you who know success in life and a career, but just got lost along the way. The ones who work hard, but know there is more. More to life. More to love. More to enjoy. No matter the hardships! No matter the past!

You’re not alone in this! I know what it’s like to struggle with daily life. Constantly wondering: “Is this it? There should be more! Right?”


Believe me: There is so much more to life than you’re now feeling. Life is meant to be fun. You are supposed to enjoy it. You are supposed to feel loved. Life is meant to be filled with positivity.

I know what it’s like to go from a successful life and career, to a DARK place with seemingly no way out. I mean, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. And my diagnosis came only a few months after having given birth to our youngest son. So we should actually add those hormones to the mix too….

But I found a way to change the way I felt. Not just with therapy, and yes I’ve had that. It’s normal, and I honestly believe that everyone could benefit from it. But that’s something else…
The way that you’re feeling right NOW,  needs drastic changes. More than only a weekly talk to figure some things out. It requires you to work on yourself. Your thinking pattern. Your behaviour. Your complete mindset even. It requires you to dig really deep, so thjat you can start enjoying life again!

Believe me: There is so much more to life than you’re now possibly feeling. Life is meant to be fun. You are supposed to enjoy it. You are supposed to feel loved. Life is meant to be filled with positivity.

This is not some kind of super difficult to reach goal. Let me repeat that for you now:

It is NOT difficult!

So yes, you can feel amazing too. I promise you! All it takes is a few tools and new ways of doing things. All with which you can change your mindset completely. And it’s actually quite simple.

Yes there’s a “but…

It requires you to work on it…
* To dig really deep.
* To unleash emotions.
* To face your fears.
* To let it all out. All of it!
* In ANY way it needs to come out….

Oh, and did I mention that it does require you to write? A lot! So get your pen and notebook or journal ready. You’ll need it! And you’ll love it too. You will!

I’ll show you the way to all of this – and SO MUCH MORE – in my new 7-day program “Destroy inner conflict and enjoy life again!”

A program that is bound to leave you inspired and motivated to turn things around. It will show you how to get rid of that screaming voice inside your head that makes you not act on things you should. That makes you stop going after what you truly want. A program that will give you a kick-start into enjoying life to the fullest again, by following your very own inner wisdom. Because you deserve a happy life filled with positivity and joy!

Coacing Larissa den Enting empowered Loa mentor fear

So are you:
A driven woman who feel there’s more to life than you’re currently seeing?
A powerful woman who’s ready for the next level?  Ready to do whatever it takes?
And are you ready to find your way again? No matter how lost you might be feeling right now?

Sounds like you? Yes, right?!

Here’s what we will be doing in this program:

It’s going to be next level AMAZING! We’re going to make huge shifts in your thinking pattern, every single day during this course. And I just know you’ll continue to use what you’ve learned for the rest of your life. It really is that amazing!

I am going to show you awesome ways on how to release fear and destroy inner conflict, so that you can get a positive look on life again. No matter your past! Because I know it is possible. For everyone.

Over these 7 days I’ll be creating a DAILY training for you. Every day you will be working, together with me, on releasing limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back. Because that’s what it does. It holds you back from living a life that you really enjoy. It keeps you feeling stuck, not happy, and unable to see a way out. We are going to change it ALL in this program, because you can do it. I did, and I just know that you can too.

During these 7 days, you will get an exercise for each and every day. So yes, you will be working on yourself, every single day. And it will give you so many insights on yourself, it totally mind blowing, I promise you. You will get access to a secret Facebook group, where I’ll do live videos with exercises. I have audios for you to listen to, journaling exercises every day, and so much more.

You will learn to:
* Be gone with negativity
* Journal your way to inner joy
* Change your outlook on life
* How to get rid of inner conflict
* Overcome fear and never let it stop you
* Accepting your reality, yes even the bad stuff
* AND… you will feel excited and motivated to start your day

Are you ready to make significant changes in your life? Are you ready to do what you need to do? Are you ready?

Then just say yes and start working on yourself.
Start working with me. And start kicking these inner conflicts in the ass, so that you can enjoy life again!

Yes, i'm in

Coaching mentoring payment plan

Still reading?
Not sure about what you’ll get out of this program? Here’s some even more detailed information on what we will be covering.

Your current NOW:
Yes, sorry hun. OK, perhaps more of a “sorry but not so sorry”… In order to make a lasting change, we need to look at your current now. I know it can be scary. And yes, tears may follow too. But it’s all OK.

We will dive into your current reality to see what it’s like. No judgements here, just checking it all out so that you get a clear vision on what you have now, based on choices of the past.

It’s all about acceptance, baby:
In order to get from the point in life where you are now, we need to make some serious changes. But only looking at the future is not helpful. You do know right? All your past decision, made your life the way it is now. And that’s perfectly fine.

I mean, everything is always perfect. Even in extremely challenging times, it’s perfect the way it is. Perhaps it doesn’t look that way to you right now.  I can relate. But difficult times offer you a chance to learn, to grow.

Let’s play an imaginary game.|
OH… How I LOVE this one! OK, seriously though… I love everything about this program, because I have seen how it works. I did it myself, and it works. Period.

So, we’re going to play a little game. It’s a game with which we trick your mind. I promise you, it really works! We will be looking at your perfect day during which you feel amazing, energetic, happy, loved, and all that you want. This is all about getting clear on what you long for, what you truly desire.

How do you now feel? AND… What do you want to feel?
Such a simple question to ask, and a question that is often asked without people really wanting you to give an honest answer. A difficult question perhaps. But… We will do this in a different way than you would normally do. This is going to make you shift quickly!

Holding yourself back
The power of fear… Fear is such an important factor in our lives that we often forget it’s there. That we even forget we’re automatically making decisions based on fear. And that, my dear, is holding you back from living a life that you really enjoy. A life filled with positivity.

Believe me, I KNOW how limiting fear is. Having suffered from depression and complex ptsd, I have lived in a state of fear for way too long. And it really holds you back from enjoying life, and getting the most out of life. We’ll be looking at what it’s doing to you, and I’ll teach you a new way of addressing fear.

O.M.G! There’s so much power in gratitude, that I could actually make an entire course about gratitude. Perhaps I will even do so later on. But for now, let’s focus on doing this here and NOW. Feeling gratitude and being seriously thankful for everything in your life, is a mind changing tool. Instantly switch from a negative outlook, into a positive one. Absolutely.The.Best!

What’s included:
* Daily trainings
* Live video traning
* Audio training
* Journaling exercises
AND…. There’s going to be so much more! I already know some really cool extra things that I will be adding to the training Because I just KNOW that you will like it too. It’s all about a complete mind, body and soul make-over, and it’s going to be awesome.

So… Yes! It’s pretty damn good, right?!

Heard enough? You just know you need to be in? Then let’s do this!

Say yes to “Destroy inner conflict and enjoy life again!”. We kick off on February 26.

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Get in the TOP 10 and receive awesome bonuses too!
If you’re in the top 10 to say yes first, you get access to amazing bonuses too! You get access to a full week extra training, through pre-work.

I’ll show you the basics of journaling, meditation and affirmations. An absolute must-do when you’re serious about changing your life for the better. I strongly believe in the powers of writing and meditating, so I’ll take you through all of the processes I use to get rid of limiting beliefs around self-love, fears, sadness, stress, and so much more. This is a life-changer; I promise you that!

PLUS… You get access to my e-book “30 affirmations for self-love” for FREE! This book is filled with tips on the effects of journaling, my daily practices, and of course amazing positive affirmations for you to use. I just know you’ll love it!

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Want to be a vip in “Destroy inner conflict and enjoy life again!”???

Of course! I’m a VIP, baby. Here’s what being a VIP (5 only!) means….

* Private mentoring call with me to dive into why you are struggling now. Why you let fear and inner conflict rule your life too much. As well as what you’d need to KNOW and DO in order to overcome that.

* 7 days private access to me. You can ask me ANYTHING over these 7 days and you’ll get my insights about it, all through use of Facebook Messenger.

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About the PRE-WORK!
Say YES to being in Destroy inner conflict and enjoy life again! and make sure that you’  join before February 19. That way you’ll get access to the pre-work.

You’ll be able to join in LIVE with the pre-work, which takes place on Monday February 19. YES, that’s a complete week of extra training for you. For free! Crazy right?! But so good!

In the pre-work LIVE training I’ll be talking about the basics of journaling, meditation and affirmations. These things are such an important part of the entire training. In fact these practices for the basis of it all. I’ll take you through all of the processes I use to get rid of limiting beliefs around self-love, fear, sadness, stress, and so much more. This is a life-changer; I promise you that!

So, what are you doing here still? Waiting? Reading? Overthinking even?

You are ready for this. Let’s do this!

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