Why do we need a wake-up call?

It always makes my heart sing when someone tells me about their wake-up call and how it changed their life for the better.

Earlier this morning, when I went to a seafood shop that we’ve never been to before, the owner was happy to have me and Ronin as his first customers of the day. Wanting to chat, he almost instantly shared his life story with me. I don’t know what it is, it’s something that happens wherever I go. People just feel safe and want to share their complete life story with me. I always feel grateful when people do, it’s just heartwarming to hear their stories.


This seafood salesman / business owner told me how he always used to think that making money was the most important thing in the world. He would leave his hous at 6am to sell fish at a market, only to arive back home around 7pm. He did have a fancy car, owned a nice house, went on lots of holidays with his family. But it all revolved around making enough money for his pension, some day in the future.

Untill he had a heart attack.
Follwed by another one.

Talking to this man, I could see how it had changed him. I don’t know the man, but the change was clearly visible. Nowadays, he just does what makes him happy. Yes, he owns his seafood store and works there many days a week. But he refuses to live his life like he did before. It’s all about passion now. Enjoying his life, enjoying time he spents with his family, enjoying his health.

I guess we’ve all heard plenty of such of stories. How so many people first have to have quite a rude wake-up call or a spiritual awakening to realize what’s really important in life.

We’ve seen this first hand with my dad too. Always working and trying to climb the corporate ladder even further. All so that he (and we) could enjoy the fruits of his labour.

He earned a pretty damn high salary, which allowed us to have a luxurious life. He ensured that we would always be taken care of financially.

But then, after he was laid off from his job at Philips – which was his own choice and he was generously paid for – he got ill. So even though he had a really nice amount of money in his bank account, he wasn’t able to enjoy it. The doctors estimated he would only have a few months left to live.

Against all odds, he lived for 5 more years after the surgery, but he was never same again. Money didn’t matter anymore. As long as he would be able to live in his own home, spend time with us and enjoy his garden, he was HAPPY. It was all that mattered. Especially being around his family.

This isn’t a unique ‘story’ and neither is that from the business owner I spoke with. I mean, how often have you heard about people working all their life, saving money for their pension because then (only then) they will have the freedom to finally enjoy life? And by the time that their pension starts, they are terminally il, or die from a stroke or heart attack.

It amazes me how very often this happens. It seems to become quite normal even.

Why would you wait with enjoying life until your pension starts?

And even more so…
Why would we – as human beings – need such a rude wake-up call to finally realize that it’s actually the other way around???

Enjoy your life now.
Enjoy your health.
Enjoy the freedom that you have.
Enjoy spending time with your family.

You never know how long you’ve got left, so why wait?! It makes no sense to wait with enjoying your life to the max. You only really have this moment, now. Constantly looking back at your past, doesn’t help you in enjoying this very moment. Neither does it to keep on thinking about things that may or may not happen in the future. You only really have this moment. Now.

And if that means that the Universe/God/Higher Self/Soul has to rudely wake you up, so that you’ll come to realize that this is true. Then so it must be. It’s only happening for the greater good of you, no matter how aweful/painful it might feel when you’re going through it. It really is happening FOR you, so that you’ll grow and come to see what’s important and what not.

You can only live your life once, so make the best of it!

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