5 Things to know about your spiritual awakening

I have seen so many people go through their own awakening, only to dismiss it and slowly but steadily go back to how life was before. Before the burnout, before the time that their body shut down, before the period of depression. All the way back to how life was, before it was turned upside down.

But the thing is, that these challenging times happened for a reason. To awaken you. To abruptly stop you with what you’re doing and make you SEE, HEAR and FEEL that life like that can’t go on. That you need a change. A drastic change.

With the HUGE awakening that has been happening worldwide over the past years, many people have been called to make a change. To release all things that no longer serve the newer version of “you”, in order for you to get closer to who you’ve always been on the inside. It’s all happening so that the newer version of you can come through.

But in order to do so, it must first shed all the layers that don’t go with it. All so that you can finally start living life more purposefully. To live according your one true purpose. I mean, you already know you’re here with a purpose. That you’re meant to do something special with your life. Not just go to a job, make money, pay bills, and only enjoy some spare time in the weekends. That’s not what your life is all about, and you know it. You’ve always felt that you were born to do more, be more, have more. Now is the time to allow this to happen and finally become this purpose-driven person that you’ve always been. That’s what your awakening is all about!

There’s an important reason as to why you’ve been through all the things that you went through. It happened to prepare yourself for the life ahead of you. For the greatness inside of you to come through. To make you strong and resilient. And 
for you to allow yourself to shed the darkness, so that more light can come in. And in doing so, you’ll inspire more people to do the same. They see how powerful you are, how well you’re doing and that shows them that this is also available to them. YOU inspire others through your own awakening.

But it does require you to go through some of the mud yourself first. There’s no healing when you keep running away from the things that scare you, whether it’s something related to trauma or perhaps just fear of rejection. It really doesn’t matter what the source of your fear is, but the only way past is through. And by going through it, you experience a sense of healing which will lead to YOU being an inspiration to others.

So yes, your own spiritual awakening can be a bit… Let’s say “rough”.

For me personally, it dug up all the trauma, hurt and pain that I have ever experienced. In the end, it left me feeling as if I was going insane. My mind appeared to be going separate ways from my body, leaving me with a body that was literally stuck in the trauma (I couldn’t move or even stand up straight). All the while my higher self or intuition started guiding me and telling me things, such as how I should choose between ending my life or finally making it worth living. It was loud. There was so much going on inside my head – my intuition saying one thing, ego saying other things – that I’ve banged my head against the wall in attempts to make it all stop. It was rough.

Should you happen to be going thorugh such a phase of awakening right now, just remember this:

1. No, you’re not going crazy. No need to go to a mental institution!

2. Yes, the world may seem completely upside down. You’ll question everything and it will all make perfect sense in the end.

3. This too shall pass. It really will! Just take it day by day.

4. You’ll learn so much that you’ll grow faster than you could’ve ever imagined.

5. It’s safe. You’re safe. And you’ll be just fine. Just go with the flow!

So let that wild fire inside of you burn it all down, so that you can start afresh. New. Strong. Inspirational. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

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