The key to finding happiness

Happiness shows itself in many different ways. And sometimes it might NOT be the way that you were looking for, but it’s just there. Unexpected and absolutely gorgeous.

As I was entering our home from bringing the kids to school and daycare, I started to feel a bit worried. You know those worries where you’re thinking about money, all the things that you want to do, things that you’re scared of doing. And then it all quickly spirales down into this negative mood. Negative energy. That kind that you most definitely don’t want to stay in for too long.

Whenever I catch myself with such thoughts, I try to grab hold of ’em as fast as I can. And actively focus on it, so that I can change it into something better. I guess it’s actually a combination of reframing my thougts into different and more positive thoughts, as well as actively doing something that feels good.

One thing that still brings me lots of joy, it’s taking care of our plants. Watering the plants, repotting the plants, seeing them grow or bloom, all of it. So that’s what I did, while constantly reminding myself of POSITIVE thoughts. And it works! It’s one of the quickest ways to feel better.

So while I was grabbing an old pot for a plant, I noticed that our son Jiro had put some of his little “treasures” in the pot. Sticks, stones, puzzle pieces, it was all there. Including this gorgeous oyster shell and a black feather. Don’t ask me where he found the oyster shell! The last time we ate oysters was in the summer while on holiday in France…. Anyhow, these pretties are just lifting my mood. Simply by looking at it, knowing how he hid these in our hallway in a pot we didn’t use up until now. But also because the oyster and feather have such a gorgeous spiritual meaning too.

The OYSTER is one of the most inspirational creatures. It’s an animal that literally turns dirt, sand and stress into a pearl. From not the most pretty things, into an actual gem. The pearl transmutes negative energy into something positive. Isn’t that amazing?

This peaceful creatures is grown in the sea where it’s submerged in turbulent water with currents and changing tides. But it just hangs on! Never letting go while remaining calm. It’s all needed for the growth. Turbulence is needed for growth. So the oyster is such a good example that problems, negative situations and even stress, can be turned into beautiful situations. I’d say that this is pretty cool!

Now, the BLACK FEATHER also has an amzing spiritual meaning. It is believed by many native cultures that birds and feathers have mystical meaning, carry magic and it’s even said to be a sacred connection to God, Source, the Divine, or however you want to call it. They say that when “Feathers appear, angels are near.” Isn’t that cool?! A feather is believed to be a cosmic way of saying hello, showing you that you are safe and protected. It’s there to comfort you and give you joy. And joy is a positive emotion thus higher vibration. The one that you will want to be in as much as you can.

Now as for this black feather that I found, it’s spiritual meaning is to stay strong no matter what’s happening. You’re protected by the angels and the Divine, so whatever is happening happens for the greater good of you. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. You are safe! That sounds amazing right?!

Being happy or finding happiness is something so many people want in life. But we often forget that it’s actually all little things combined that give you a sense of happiness. And you do need to be willing to see the smaller things, open yoursrlf up to seeing the good, allow yourself to receive amazing signs that lift your mood.

The search for happiness CAN be an endless search, with you never actually finding it if you don’t know how it realy works. I find that quite sad. Knowing how many people are in search of happiness, but not knowing what it really means.

The key here is to change your perspective on it. What IS happiness really? What makes you feel happy? Is it really all about material things such as cars, holidays, designer clothes and shoes? Or can happiness also be found in smaller things that you enjoy seeing or doing?

I believe that the way to happiness is combining small things that make you happy. That way you raise your vibration to a higher level, which then allows you to SEE positive things in life. And by being in that state of mind, you’ll attract more positivity into your life. Even the bigger things you dream of.

So whatever you do, focus on how you feel. Your energy. Your vibration. THAT is the only thing that really matters!

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