Your life is your message!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on this amazing “inner journey” for a long time.

🌟 knowing there was more.
🌟 knowing I’m destined for more.
🌟 knowing I’m here for a reason, my purpose.

But yeah… What could that be??? And why can’t anyone here on earth just freaking tell me what I should actually do?! 😤

How about you? Sounds familiar?

Maybe you’re still in the middle of this internal fight. Stuck in a job that you do on a daily basis, but of which you KNOW you can do so much more than that. But what?!

Or maybe you’re in the middle of a different kind of personal crisis. Burn-out, depression, or maybe even money struggles. And you ask yourself, “What exactly is the reason for all this drama?”


What’s the reason YOU have to go through this?

I believe that everything we experience in our life, happens for a reason. You grow through it, you learn from it. And what else?

Well, it makes you – with everything you’ve been through and learned – a true source of inspiration for another.


Maybe you don’t even know this. Maybe you don’t even know how wise you are. Knowing things that seem totally normal for you. Life lessons you’ve learned a long long time ago.

But for someone else? It could be the exact thing that someone else needs. <3

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