There… I said it. Think of me what you want. Think of me as irresponsible. Unprofessional. Stupid. Whatever…


All these stories going on about how Facebook keeps making it difficult for entrepreneurs to do their business here. The algorithm thing. The bait clicking thing. Now the post/video from Mr. Mark himself. It’s all too much.

Boys and girls, all you entrepreneurs out there….
Facebook is Facebook. Nothing has changed. Still not. It’s still the same damn thing.

Just think of how Facebook started of. It was a platform on which you could stay connected to people. It wanted to strenghten connections BETWEEN PEOPLE.

That’s what Facebook was created for, right? OK, and let’s not forget the fact that Mark probably saw it as an opportunity to make him some him money too. But hey…. we all want that.

Now, if you have an online shop like I have, just think of why people buy from you. Sure, they like your products. But that’s not all. It never was. They buy from you because you offer them something valuable. A solution to a problem. And they buy it from you. Yes, YOU!

They don’t buy something from this thing that we call a company. They don’t buy it from some fancy made up name. They buy a solution from a human being. A person. You!

People want real connections. Meaningful connections.
In real life, but also online. It’s all the same!

So is with choosing a company to buy goods from. Human beings are ALWAYS more attracted to real connections. It’s part of our internal system, our brain, our DNA, our genetics.

Think of it like this:
You need to buy something online. Now you get to choose where you to buy it.

There’s this person… You feel like you know him or her. Even though you have never even met in real life. You know this person. His or her humor, the things he/she likes and even dislikes. You even know really personal things about this person. You feel like you actually KNOW this person. Even if it’s just from Facebook. And now we’re at it… You even like this person!

There’s this huge company that sells a lot of different products. Yes, also the thing you need. You don’t the person behind the company. There’s no familiar face to this company. It’s just that…. A company. A name. In your mind you try to envision a building where the company is located. People working there. But you don’t know, do you? Because you don’t know anything about this company.

Now tell me:
Where will you buy the thing you need???

I just KNOW that you’ll go for the person you know. Or feel like you know. It’s that connection thing. You feel a CONNECTION with this person. And yes, that person happens to have a company that sells the thing you want.

Makes perfect sense right?!

Then why can’t you see how Facebook works for entrepeneurs? WHY???

It’s all about creating a connection. A real connection. People want real connections. Customers want real connections. And they want to buy from REAL PEOPLE.

So just show up as you. Be you. The real you. The interesting you.

The good.
The bad.
The ugly.
The funny.
The emotional.
The dark.
The light.
The real.
The one and only YOU!

That’s all that matters. Really.

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