The power of meditation

A long time ago, I guess more than 10 years or so, I used meditation already. For me, it was a way to calm myself down. To feel better instantly by going to a “happy place” in my own mind. For a long time, years even, I haven’t used it anymore. Just didn’t feel like it.

But since a year or so, I am now using it as a daily tool. A tool with which I feel better, calmer even. More clear. I just love meditation. Even today I did a couple of meditation sessions, just because I felt that I needed it to get in a better place in my mind.

To me it’s not just a simple way of creating more inner peace. There actually is quite a process that goes with it. I always ask myself a few questions before starting:

– What is the goal of my meditation?
– Is it about a certain life goal?
– Is it about a specific topic or vision?
– If so, what am I going to meditate on?
– Or is it just to create inner peace?

Meditation around a life goal or vision
When meditating about a specific topic or goal I want to achieve, I combine it with visualization. Trying to make the image in my mind as clear as possible, by using all my senses. How does something feel? Is it warm, cold? What is the structure of what you feel? Is there a particular sound that comes along with your vision? A specific taste or smell even? Try to make it as complete as possible in your mind.
Not only is this amazing for your mindset and the actions that you will take afterwards. It also gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Like, “hey, I can really do this”. A sense of feeling proud of what you have accomplished in your vision. A sense of feeling PROUD of yourself actually!

Meditation for inner peace
When meditating for inner peace and calmness, I mainly focus on my breath. Inhaling deeply, and slowly exhaling deeply too. By doing this for a few minutes, you enter a relaxing state quite easily.
In addition, imagine a glowing ball of golden light inside of you. Make this ball of glowing light grow with each breath you take. Growing and growing untill you’re completely surrounded by this light. Now let all negative emotions and feelings come up, and release them when you exhale. Just let go and feel your body relax even more..

There you have it: this is mindset work. Working on your own mindset, your way of acting and thinking. Because meditation is one of the most relaxing ways to instantly feel better.
There are more ways of doing so, sure. I prefer combining a multitde of ways. But meditation will always be my favourite. I love it so much, it kind of feels like an addiction. The inner calmness, the clarity of the way you get to look at the world, the focus you get from it. I just love it!

So now I’m curious: what do you do for mindset work? Or haven’t you yet tried anything?

Maybe you should try it too and see what it brings you. Perhaps you’ll also end up loving it.

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