Build Your Funnel – Module 2

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Welcome to Module 2 of Build Your Funnel Now!
In this module, I’ll be showing you the exact steps to take in order for you to create your very first funnel in 14 days (or less if you go fast).

Day 1 & 2:
Brainstorm your Funnel

Day 3 & 4:
Organize the Sequence

Day 5:
Create a Free Gift

Day 6:
Create an Opt-in Page

Day 7:
Outline Offer 1

Today you’ll be looking at how to outline your first paid offer. It’s al about making sure that your FREE GIFT links to your first paid offer. Everything in your funnel needs to be linked together, and making sense as a whole. So what you want to do, is make sure that the first offer is a direct follow-up to the free gift. One that solves the next problem that your customers or clients face.

So by now, you have already created your free gift. Then created an opt-in page for the free gift. For today, I want you to take a closer look and see if your free gift actually links well to the paid offer.

So question yourself:
– Does my first paid offer MAKE SENSE after the free gift?
– Is it something your customer MUST HAVE in order to solve the big problem?

There’s no need for everything to be perfect. You’ll need to test your funnel anyway, after launching it. Adjusting can always be done, if that’s needed. But it does need to make sense.


Day 8:
Create Product Offer 1


Day 9:
Record or shoot the product

Today it’s all about creating your actual product, that is the first paid offer. Depending on what your first paid offer is, you’ll want to look at shooting videos for it. Or perhaps even recording a podcast training. Today you’ll use the entire day (or less time, if you’re fast with shooting) to shoot or record everything that’s needed for your 1st paid offer.

Important outline for videos/podcasts:

– Welcoming viewers/listeners.
– Quick introduction of the section.

– What’s the problem that people face.

– What’s the big opportunity if people do what you have to offer.

STORY (optional):
– Add a success story of what changes came when someone applied what you have to offer.

– The biggest chunk of your content for the video/training should consist of these teaching point.

– Finish the training with a clear Call To Action.


Day 10 & 11:
Create the Sales Page

Day 12:
Write your E-mail Copy

Day 13:

Set up the Technology

Day 14:
Launch the Funnel