Autumn Equinox

Hello there, Fall Equinox. Thanks for reminding us that it’s now time to go within and reflect on all areas of life.

The equinox celebrates the turning of the seasons. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the Autumn / Fall Equinox. For the Southern Hemisphere it marks the Spring Equinox. So yes, equinoxes occur only twice a year; one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.

What does Equinox mean?

The word ‘Equinox’ is derived from Latin, meaning ‘equal night’. Today, the amount of day-time is approximately the same as the amount of night-time. Light and dark in perfect balance.

Did you know that Autumn Equinox is one of the 3 harvest festivals when Pagans give thanks to Mother Earth for the harvest? It’s also a time to reflect on the past season and express gratitude for all the blessings. This is the moment that harvested food is preserved, so that there’s ample of food for the cold and dark months ahead.

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How can you celebrate Autumn Equinox?

This is a good moment to look back on the things that we have been working on for the past months. What have you achieved so far? What worked out as you wanted to? What hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it to? What could use some change? And how does looking back on it, make you feel now?

Perhaps it shows you where you could use a change in direction, or maybe it makes you feel proud of all that you have done so far. Either way, this is the time to show your gratitude for it all. Feel gratitude for all the abundance in your life, for everything that you love and makes you feel good.

And since today – being Autumn Equinox – means there’s an equal amount of darkness and light, why not have a look at your own balance of life? Is there a good balance in your life between light and dark? Are you working too much? Having too little fun time? How about taking care of yourself? Of perhaps even feeling stuck in place? And how about the foods you nourish your body with?

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What does fall equinox mean practically?

Well, this is the time to prepare for the colder months ahead of us. Maybe for you it’s about getting your home ready for spending more time indoors. Get those fluffy blankets out again, buy some pretty candles, decorate your home with everything you desire to have around you during the colder months.

Perhaps you want to – just as they did in the old days – harvest the fruits from your garden and start canning it. This is the moment that fruits like apples and pears can be harvested, or even pumpkins. And how about those delicious berries that are plentiful during this period? Harvest it, store it properly or start canning it. You’ll thank yourself later.

But also?
Whatever you do, don’t forget to spend time outdoors, as we can still enjoy the warmth of this season.

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