Tonight, April 26th, we will experience the the so called Pink Full Moon. This full moon in Scorpio, which also happens to be a Supermoon, is all about bringing transformation and taking firm action to change your own reality.


A Supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. That’s why a Supermoon can make it appear so, that the moon is brighter and closer to earth than normal.

Because a super moon is closer to earth than other moons, it also has more energetic pull via magnetism and gravity. The gravitational pull is at its utmost pinnacle, and this actually causes a much higher than usual tide movement.

A “regular” full moon can already be quite intense, making you more sensitive and emotional. A super moon is energetically known to be even more powerful, intense and strongly felt.


Both a full moon and supermoon, have the ability to truly illuminate things for you. With your heightened senses and being extra emotional, look for what it is that you are feeling. Look for the reason behind why you are feeling what you’re feeling. That’s where some answers to life’s questions can be found. That’s precisely what this full moon energy is making you see.

Things and situations that you no longer serve you, are all being illuminated! So thank you, full moon!


Is the moon pink tonight? No, unfortunately the moon won’t appear pink tonight. Even tough that would be quite a spectacular thing to see, won’t it? But no, this moon’s nickname has nothing to do with its color.

Each of the year’s 12 full moons have a specific nickname that is derived from Native American, colonial American, or European sources, like the Strawberry Moon in June (when wild strawberry-picking season reaches its peak) or Harvest Moon in September (when many of the Native American tribes’ staple foods such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice are ready for gathering).

Tonight’s Supermoon is called Pink Moon, thanks to the wild ground phlox (mossy pink flowers) and widespread grass pink that bud during this time of the year. Other nicknames indicate more signs of full spring, such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and even Fish Moon which is more common among coastal tribes. Spiritually, this lunar phenomenon signifies a time of rebirth and reflection as we embrace spring.


The moon and sun are forming an inflexible fixed T-square with Saturn in Aquarius, which ultimately gives this sense of being at a crossroads during this time. That’s why this Scorpio full moon is all about taking actions that will become life-changing transformations. Perhaps you’re about to start a new job, move to a new place, end a relationship or even a project. It all can come up at this time!

In addition to releasing the old or things (and energies) that no longer serve you, this Scorpio full moon of 2021 also encourages you to embrace your worth. Know your boundaries and be very clear on them. Full moons always illuminate what has been hidden (your shadow self) and brings up new information that could be life-altering. This is also a powerful time of manifestation, so the key is honoring your truth and identifying the reality you want to live in.


This intuition-charging full moon might have us all up in our feelings as we address topics regarding our boundaries, intimacy and security. Above all else, this moon will challenge us to release fear, control, obsession and trauma in order to transform.

There is a reason why full moons are a time for release. Astronomically, when the moon and the sun are exactly opposite of one another, the moon’s glow is most visible, lighting the earth at maximum potential. Just as the moon’s light physically lights up the world, metaphysical astrologers see full moons as a time for illumination and revelation. With a full moon, all of these energies will be brought to the surface. This is happening for you, it’s guiding you or showing you the things that can be transmuted into a higher version, more positive one. If only you allow for it, by actually facing it.

The full moon will empower us to do just that! Scorpio energy is all about achieving emotional security, whereas Taurus energy is all about physical security and requires digging deep. A perfect time to take a good look at your current reality and see where you’re headed.

What fears, obsessions or controls can you release? What can you do to help create the emotional security you seek? What traumas do you need to heal from in order to truly transform? What thought processes could you release, to make space for better experiences to enter into your life?

Truly maximize the energy of this full moon by digging deep into those shadow parts of yourself. Be mindful during the day and night, to see what parts of yourself you might even judge or dislike. Perhaps even do some Ho’oponopono around these parts of yourself, so that you can truly step into a place of self-love during this magical time.


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