What a magical month we’ve got ahead of us, this June 2021. Can we get a Hallelujah for all of these amazing celestial events? A solar eclipse, the moon and mars extremely close to each other, Summer Solstice and the last Super Full Moon of the year. And all of that in 1 month?! Wow, just wow!

On Thursday, June 10 2021, we will have an annular solar eclipse during the Gemini New Moon. Combine it with Mercury retrograde and we’ve got ourselves a spiritual meaning of the New Moon that’s all about introspection, confusion and miscommunications.

Here’s the dates for you to remember:

10 June 2021
First Solar eclipse (ring of fire) & New Moon

14 June 2021
Moon & Mars very close to each other

21 June 2021
Summer Solstice (longest day of the year)

24 June 2021
Last supermoon of the year

Now let’s dive into this annular solar eclipse and explore what this means!


eclipse digital wallpaper
Photo by Drew Rae on Pexels.com

As mentioned before, this solar eclipse is called an annular eclipse, meaning that it’s a partial solar eclipse. It’s that time of the year where the Moon slides in between the Earth and Sun, and the moon will then appear to darken a part of the sun. Depending on where you are located, this means that you might get to witness this “Ring of Fire” kind of eclipse.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a celestial event where the Moon blocks the Sun. Because of this, we then get to experience momentary darkness thanks to this event that we call a total solar eclipse.

On the morning of June 10 2021, we get to witness a partial solar eclipse. The New Moon will slide in front of the Sun. And because the apparent diameter of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun, it will display a gorgeous ring of fire, or even a quirky horn-shaped Sun.

Depending on where you live, this partial solar eclipse will be visible for quite some time during that morning, especially for those located in North America and Europe. Too bad though that the ring of light will not be visible to everyone around the world; for most it will look more like a horn shaped sun. Or even a Sun with a smaller chunk bitten off by the Moon. Those living further up north in Canada and Siberia, you might just get to witness it as the actual Ring of Fire.

Whichever way the solar eclipse presents itself at your place, always be careful watching it. Never look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse! This can cause serious and permanent damage to your eyes. Always use special eclipse glasses to protect your eyes when watching a solar ecplise.

What is a New Moon?

Every month, the sun and the moon align in the heavens, starting a new lunar cycle. A new beginning, if you will. Our ancestors quickly learned that a new moon was the perfect time to plant seeds, as bugs were less likely to find the seeds during this darkest time of the month. And just as our ancestors used to do, we too can plant our seeds of intention during a new moon.

What is the spiritual meaning of a New Moon?  

During a full moon, we see the side of the moon that is being illuminated by the sun. This gives the moon its bright, glowing appearance. However, during a New Moon, we see the side of the moon that is not being illuminated by the sun, because the sun and moon are perfectly aligned. Some might even call this the dark side of the moon. It’s that time of the month where the moon seems to blend in perfectly with the dark sky, making the stars appear to be even brighter than usual.

This makes a new moon all about darkness and stillness. Because a new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it also symbolises new beginnings. This is the perfect time to use this magical lunar energy to set new goals, create a new beginning or start a new project. Your slate has been wiped cleaned and you get a fresh new start.

What is the spiritual meaning of a solar eclipse?

A New Moon means the start of a new moon cycle for the coming month, which represents the start of a new beginning within your life. But a New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning for the coming 6 months. It’s the end and beginning of something new; almost like a celestial reset button that has been hit. It’s the perfect time to make some insane quantum leaps in your life!

This Gemini New Moon stands for a lot of mental energy. A continuous flow of information that comes your way and a lot of inner discovering that you feel drawn to do. It is the perfect time to look within, ask yourself questions and have an honest look at the things you tell yourself. Is it loving? Is it motivating? And how does it make you feel? Utilize this New Moon energy as an initiator to plant seeds for the future, a future in which you get to be a higher version of yourself.

You may feel drawn to look back on your life and get clarity on what you’ve accomplished the past period. A solar eclipse has the tendency to reveal the consequences of your past actions and inactions.

Take some time to look at it all and ask yourself what it has brought you? How fare have you come? What progress have you made? And how happy are you with where you stand right now?

Reflecting on this and being brutally honest with yourself, gives you the ultimate chance to make changes and redirect your life. Remember: a new moon is the perfect moment to plant seeds for your future, so use this potent moon energy well.

This might also be a highly confusion time, with lots of intense energy flowing through you and information being thrown at you by others or your Higher Self. One moment it may feel as if you are extremely busy and energetic, the other moment you need to rest because you feel a huge lack of energy. This all has to do with the combination of a New Moon (rest and introspection) and a Solar Eclipse (high energies and radical changes).

Make sure to stay grounded and try to stay connected to your heart. Do the things that make you feel good, while carefully listening to your body. Rest is important, as it helps you integrate these new energies and all information. When you feel the need to rest and dive within, do that. Don’t push yourself to stay busy. And when you feel the need to be active and make some changes, go do that. Listen carefully to your intuition, as it always knows what’s right for you.

Don’t forget to bring out your playful side. Gemini is a playful sign and loves humor and play. A good laugh, a bit of dancing or singing. Or be like a child and have fun on the slide or swing! Don’t be so serious and enjoy yourself.

Mercury Retrograde, yay!

And let’s not forget this important factor too. With Mercury Retrograde there’s a high probability of confusion, misinformation, miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Be very clear in your own communication and intentions, as that’s the best way to move through this phase right now. This is also a good time to start a journaling practice. It can act as a therapeutic way to understand your thoughts and thought processes, whilst giving you clarity on where you want to go with your life.

How to safely watch a Solar Eclipse?

lunar eclipse
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

I know that I will be going outside to witness this amazing celestial event! Don’t want to miss this, obviously. How about you? Here’s something extremely important about solar eclipses:


This can’t be stated enough, as looking directly at the sun during a partial solar eclipse can cause serious damage to your eyes. So much so that you can get a solar burn on your retina, which can cause permanent damage to your eyes. 

Should you have looked at the sun without protection, always seek treatment from an eye care professional. You might not notice the damage immediately; this can take up to a few days afterwards. In case you notice any changes in your vision that continues to get worse, go to your doctor!

Safely watching a solar eclipse

There is only one safe way to look at a solar eclipse, which is with the use of special solar filters. These solar filters are used in “eclipse glasses” or in hand-held solar viewers. They must meet a very specific worldwide standard known as ISO 12312-2.

Home-made filters, sunglasses, cameras and through your phone’s camera is NOT a safe way to watch the eclipse. So don’t be stupid and just buy a pair of eclipse glasses and protect your eyes!

I ordered mine online and bought some extra for my oldest son’s class. That way, they too can go outside and safely check out this amazing event.