Nieuwe Maan Journaling Aanwijzingen

During a New Moon, we see the side of the moon that is not being illuminated by the sun, because the sun and moon are perfectly aligned. Some might even call this the dark side of the moon. It’s that time of the month where the moon seems to blend in perfectly with the dark sky, making the stars appear to be even brighter than usual.

Spiritual meaning of a New Moon

A New Moon is all about darkness and stillness. Because a new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it also symbolises new beginnings. This is the perfect time to use this magical lunar energy to set new goals, create a new beginning or start a new project. Your slate has been wiped cleaned and you get a fresh new start.

With this moon phase being a perfect moment for introspection, use the new moon energy to look within and seek answers that will guide you into creating a new beginning. Journaling is a very powerful way to get insights into your own being. As soon as you start writing and stop forcing any answers, your Higher Self or intuition will take over and allow for things to surface. It’s at that time, that journaling becomes truly intuitive and profound insights come to you.

Journaling is an excellent way to release emotions and thought processes that no longer serve you. It helps you strengthen you sense of self and builds self-trust. Journaling is also a very powerful way to act as your own counsellor, as it let’s you see your behavioural patterns. And aside from that, It’s the perfect way to soothe troubled emotions and get asnwers to questions you want to ask yourself as a way of self-development.

Powerful New Moon Journal Prompts

Get your journal out (some pieces of paper do fine too), a pen and perhaps even some of your favourite crystals to join you in this ritual. Using sage, incense or palo santo (available in my online store to clear away negative energies, is recommended before starting with New Moon journaling.

Make sure that you are fully relaxed and won’t be disturbed while doing this. Really set the mood for this powerful new moon ritual. Once you are relaxed, you can start journaling.

Still not relaxed? No worries! Just get to writing out what you’re feeling right now. Write about not being relaxed, about what’s on your mind, about how you’re feeling right now. Simply release it all onto paper. This way, it’s out of your system and that’s what journaling is also about. Releasing things, so that you can get into a better mental space. As soon as you feel like you’re ready and you’ve poured it all out, you can journal on the questions below.

20 New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. What do I desire now?
  2. What do I actually need?
  3. What am I passionate about?
  4. What do I want to manifest this month?
  5. What am I grateful for & want more of?
  6. Why do I really want what I want?
  7. Where am I craving change?
  8. Where am I afraid of change?
  9. How do I want to feel this month?
  10. Why do I deserve all that I want?
  11. What is already working for me?
  12. What is not working for me?
  13. What holds me back?
  14. What should I release for a new reality?
  15. What intentions do I need to let go of?
  16. Where do I experience stress?
  17. What aspects of my life are balanced?
  18. How can I step more into my power?
  19. How can I experience more joy?
  20. What new beginnings am I ready to embrace and start creating now?

Want these journal prompts as an easy to safe image for on your phone? I totally get it! I mean, I love journaling on actual paper. But sometimes, it’s just quicker to type / journal on your phone. Download these journal prompts here as an image, so that you can always access it when you feel called to ask yourself questions.

When you’re done with these journaling questions for the New Moon, release it all so that you can truly create a fresh start. Maybe you want to spend some time outside, gazing at the sky, with the intention to manifest your New Moon intentions. Or simply know – deep within – that you poured everything out of you, onto the paper and it is now taken care of. The powerful New Moon energies are always at work, no matter if you’re outside looking at it or not.

Other New Moon practices

Whatever you choose to do during your New Moon ritual, the main focus is always about reaching new levels of success in any area of your liking. It’s about setting intentions and planting seeds in your inner (mental) garden, so that you can reach your highest potential.

And aside from that, a moon ritual is also about choosing to make time for yourself. It’s a time to look within, to relax and release, to get clarity on what you want or don’t want in life. It’s all about raising your own frequency, so that it gets to match with the things you desire in life. And a New Moon ritual is just the perfect way to do that!

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