Volle Maan Magie

Tonight we enter a sacred space where we are surrounded by illuminating light from the full moon. This light, this full moon is here to guide us on our journey. With its bright light, it shines a light on all darkness. Illuminating your inner darkness, which is also called your shadow self. This shadow self is everything that you’d rather try to hide or not face. Negative emotions, trauma, pain, suffering, hurt, fears, doubts, negative situations and energies. Even various relationships that might no longer serve you, or perhaps could use some drastic changing.

With a full moon, all of these energies will be brought to the surface. This is happening for you, it’s guiding you or showing you the things that can be transmuted into a higher version, more positive one. If only you allow for it, by actually facing it.

Full Moon Release Ritual

During a full moon (and the days leading up to it, as well as after it) there’s powerful energies that are here to help you release negativity in your life. It may be a time during which you feel extremely emotional, quickly triggered or even just sleeping a bit restless with lots of waking up. A full moon affects every living being on this planet, including you. So when you’re sensitive to it, you will definitely feel it. It’s not without reason that there’s this saying that people go crazy with a full moon! Trust that whatever you’re going through, is good for you. Even when it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Feeling emotional or triggered by people/situations? Look within and ask yourself some questions. Why are you feeling this way? Where in your body do you feel it? What does it want to show or tell you? Why is this coming up? What can be done to make it better? Right now…

Full moon release invocation

A quick full moon prayer or release meditation always does wonders! With the prayer above, you can get started right away. Sit back, deep a couple of deep breathes and relax. Just relax and allow for your body to feel heavy, as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Read the words of the invocation, read it out loud if you can. It’s really important to actually feel the words, feel the affirmations and all emotions that these bring up. Then feel yourself letting it all go.

Transforming Fire

In shaman practices, fire is one of the most important tools of transformation. It truly serves us as a way to transmute energies that no longer serve us and change it into something positive, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

So another way of doing a full moon ritual, is to use fire. Grab yourself a piece of paper, a pen and perhaps even some of your favourite crystals to join you in this ritual. A bit of incense or palo santo to clear away negative energies, is also perfect for use during this.

Make sure that you are relaxed completely and won’t be disturbed while doing this. Really set the mood for this powerful full moon practice. Once you’re relaxed, write down all things, situations, beliefs and energies you want to release with this full moon. Now take the piece of paper – fold it if it’s too big – and while saying the invocation, burn the piece of paper in a fire. Be careful while doing this, you don’t want to burn the whole house down 😉

Powerful Full Moon Healing Meditation

Want to take it a step further? Check out this new guided Full Moon Meditation that I made, during which we journey to a sacred place. A place where you can safely release that which you are ready to let go of; all with the help of the powerful full moon.

Check out the Full Moon Healing Meditation now!

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