Volle Maan Ritueel Journaling

This is your time to release what no longer serves you! Astronomically, when the moon and the sun are exactly opposite of one another, the moon’s glow is most visible, lighting the earth at maximum potential. Just as the moon’s light physically lights up the world, metaphysical astrologers see full moons as a time for illumination and revelation.

A full moon has the ability to truly illuminate things for you; the shadow aspects of yourself are illuminated. So with your heightened senses and you being extra emotional, look for what it is that you are feeling. Look for the reason behind why you feel what you’re feeling. That’s where some answers to life’s questions can be found. That’s precisely what full moon energy is making you see.

Things and situations that you no longer serve you, are all being illuminated! So thank you, full moon! Plus, it’s all happening for you; it’s guiding you or showing you the things that can be transmuted into a higher version, a more positive one. If only you allow for it, by actually facing it.

A powerful way of doing this, is by creating your own full moon ritual with the use of journaling. Full moon journaling helps you with navigating emotional matters, that you may find challenging to process otherwise. It’s an amazing way to reflect on your journey so far, to find the meaning behind certain emotions and triggering events, plus releasing things/energies that no longer serve you.

Why journaling during a full moon?

During a full moon (and the days leading up to it, as well as after it) there’s powerful energies that are here to help you release negativity in your life. It may be a time during which you feel extremely emotional, quickly triggered or even experiencing some restless sleep with lots of waking up. A full moon affects every living being on this planet, including you. So when you’re sensitive to it, you will definitely feel it. It’s not without reason that there’s this saying that people go crazy with a full moon! Trust that whatever you’re going through, is good for you. Even when it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Feeling emotional or triggered by people/situations? Why not write all of it down and see what comes up for you in a full moon journaling session?

Journaling is an excellent way to release emotions and thought processes that no longer serve you. It helps you strengthen you sense of self and builds self-trust. Journaling is also a very powerful way to act as your own counsellor, as it let’s you see your behavioural patterns. And aside from that, It’s the perfect way to soothe troubled emotions.


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Get your journal out (some pieces of paper do fine too), a pen and perhaps even some of your favourite crystals to join you in this ritual. Using sage, incense or palo santo to clear away negative energies, is recommended before starting with Full Moon journaling.

Make sure that you are fully relaxed and won’t be disturbed while doing this. Really set the mood for this powerful full moon practice. Once you’re relaxed, you can start journaling.

  1. Think back on the interactions of the day and your internal thoughts. Start by asking yourself:
    Why am I thinking or feeling this? What do these thoughts or emotions want to tell me?”

  2. Now take a good look at your current situation (all various areas of your life, such love, finances, fitness, fun). Make sure to focus on one of the areas of your life, or go big and look at all areas of your life. Ask yourself:
    “Am I on the right path to achieve my dreams and goals?”

  3. Be really honest with yourself and ask:
    “Do I need to abandon these goals and start over? Or is there another point of view that may help me proceed further with these goals?”

  4. Now let’s add in some positive notes and ask yourself:
    “Have I moved forward or am I stuck? And how have I grown from these experiences?”

  5. And also look ahead by asking yourself:
    “What things would I like to accomplish in the next month?

  6. Bonus journal prompt to finish your session, ask yourself:
    “What else do I need to know, right now?”

When you’re done writing, release it all with tonight’s Full Moon energy. You can choose to go outside and have a look at the moon, while setting the intention to release it. Or simply know – deep within – that you poured everything out of you onto the paper and it is now released. The powerful Full Moon energies are always at work during a full moon, no matter if you’re outside looking at it or not.

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