Marketing courses

Having been in marketing for well over a decade and owning 2 successful online stores, in addition to my coaching business, I have seen the entire online marketing world change. Back then, it was just an expensive part of business. It was basically just a burden to a company. Everything was all about sales, because that’s where the money is made. And marketing? Well, having a website and sending a monthly newsletter would do just fine.

But now? Things have changed and the importance of marketing is finally understood. Marketing is the driving force behind creating more sales. Marketing is seen as the important factor for creating success. And yes, there’s even an overlap between marketing and sales nowadays.


If YOU want your business to grow, you NEED to invest time and energy in marketing. But what if you know shit about marketing? What if you don’t have the faintest idea where to start with it all? Or how to do this properly?

No worries 😉
I believe that everyone can use marketing. You do not need to have studied it, as I did, nor do you need years of experience. You just need to know where to start, and what proven strategies work.

Yes, I can hear you thinking to yourself….

But how do I create more sales through marketing?
How do I attract more visitors to my (online) business?
And how do I convert these visitors into paying customers?

Have a look at all resources and trainings that I have set up for you. Some of them are even FREE, meaning that you can get started with applying this immediately without having to pay an expensive marketing agency to show you all of this.