Kick ass in business and life – 1:1 coaching

Hey badass entrepreneur!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Ready to up your business game? To finally make it into the success that you had once envisioned it to be? You know… The success that you envisioned when you started your business? The successful business that you would create. The freedom it would get you. All the money and fame with it. One day. One fine day, you would have created all of that.

But then…
Then life happened….

It all just seemed too much. Too crazy. Too out of control. Too difficult. Not normal. And OMG, what will others say about your big ideas? They will think it’s too much. Tell you that it can’t be done. That it’s all just too crazy.

You know what?! Most human beings are afraid. Afraid of not being good enough, or afraid of what others might say. And even afraid of thinking too big. Because then you wouldn’t fit in…

You were never meant to fit in.

You were meant to stand out. You were meant to do big things, create big things. And you’ve always know this, right? Right! You’ve always KNOWN and FELT that you’re meant for greater things.

And also, there was always this nagging feeling. It just didn’t seem right. Something was off. You’ve always had this strange feeling of not fitting in. That feeling of not belonging.

Perhaps even when you were still working in a corporate job. That feeling that you should actually be doing the things that you’re good at. Doing what feels so damn right. But you’re told you can’t do it, because it isn’t your company. And the things that you’re saying that are right… These can’t be done because it should in fact be done this way (insert whatever ways or rules you were told to play by).

If only you weren’t held back by the rules…

Oh fuck the rules!

I have been there myself. For as long as I can remember. Always knowing that things could be done much better. That so much more could be achieved, if only there were no rules. If only I was allowed to do it MY WAY. But it wasn’t my company. Not my rules to follow.

Rebel me, I hated following the rules. Rules that others created for me. Rules that others told me I should stick by. Even though I knew exactly what was needed to make it work, and to make it better. And I knew that I could do that in my own company.

So here I am today. Doing what feels good for me, my family and my business.

Sounds harsh? Strange? Crazy and bizarre?
Perhaps. But you know it’s true. Deep inside, you know it’s true.

Trust your intuition, it’s always right!

If you look at your business, you do things in a way that you think is best for your company. At least, that’s what I hope you do. Not to always follow the rules of how EVERYONE says you should do something. Because you feel in your gut that it has to be done another way. Your way.

Now let’s take that one step further even.
These rules… The same goes with marketing strategies. With communication plans. With marketing and PR.

Making your business a success has NOTHING to do with marketing.

I know, crazy right?! Especially coming from a person who knows so much about it. Someone to whom marketing is like second nature.

Yes, I hear you!

“But Larissa, you’re basically an expert with regards to marketing and websites. For you it’s normal. So making your online stores a success is easy for you. Not for me.”

You really want to believe it’s all about a marketing strategy? Communication plans? Ads and funnels? Social media content? The famous 6 P’s? You think that – when a guru tells you about a certain strategy – that it is “the one and only way to success”? You honestly believe that? Do you?!

Too bad, there’s no magic pill!

There is no set strategy that works for everyone. Not a magic pill that works for every business. It doesn’t exist. Whatever works for me, might not work for you. Whatever works for you, might not work for me. It’s just like that.

So then what? What do you do with marketing, PR or even a growth strategy?

You try it.
You try and see what works for you.

Sometimes you fail, sometimes you don’t. Find something that works well? Do that a bit more. Something that doesn’t work? Change it, or try something different.

It all comes down to trial and error. You honestly think that these gurus out there haven’t first tried lots of different thing, before they found out what works well for them? They tried. And failed. They tried again, they failed some more. They tried yet again. And then – one fine day – they succeeded. With a strategy that works for THEM.

Now… This doesn’t mean that you need NO knowledge of marketing and PR at all…. Of course not. It’s super handy, that’s for sure. And the more you know about it, the more you can try and see what works for you. And then, one fine day, you get to succeed too.

But all of this knowledge…
Yes, all of it….

Will not only determine whether or not your business is successful. Heck, you don’t even need to know any of it, if you choose to. You could just as well hire others to create it for you. Yes, that will cost you money, but then you get to do the things that you’re good at. Things that you actually enjoy. That’s also a choice…

I have been in marketing for more than 10 years. I have worked for amazing companies, in order to create more brand awareness and make the products and services sell better. I have collaborated with cool magazines and influencers worldwide. I have organized events and tradeshows for big companies, including brands such as Microsoft and Tunturi fitness. I even know tech stuff about websites such as good SEO and even some HTML coding.

Did all of that knowledge make my weshop a success?


When I started my webshop, all I had was my experience in marketing and communications, as well as my desire to just do what feels good. To follow this hunch that I got about it. This feeling that I needed to start creating my own future, my own empire. Not that of an employer.

But even though I had all the knowledge that you could see as the key to a successful online business, it wasn’t a success…

It was hard.
It was a struggle.
And many times, I was doubting what I was doing.

Investing all this time, energy and money into the webshop. Even though it did not make us any money. Nothing!

Everything that we earned with it, was used for the greater good of the webshop. All these purchases, a seriously overpriced marketing agency that we hired, lots of advertisement costs, Adwords, Facebook. All the money we made and my personal savings too, went back into the webshop. Back into this business that was not making any net profit.

I spent 2,5 years doing business like that. Those were long long LONG years. Difficult years filled with stress, doubt and no profit at all.

I knew so much about marketing.
I knew so much about communication.
I knew so much about websites.
I knew this bit of coding stuff.
I knew all about social media.
I knew all about Public Relations.
I knew about SEO and SEA.

Even though I had all the knowledge that so many people look up to, it was freaking hard!

Just let it be easy!
But somehow, somewhere along the way, I changed it all. From letting it be a real struggle and an actual chase (OK… more of a manhunt actually) for customers, all the way to letting it be easy and fun.

HOW, you ask?
By looking inwards. By digging up all this old stuff about my beliefs around money, about being worthy, about work, about life, about myself.

You know the saying that if you want to feel loved, start by loving yourself?

That’s what this is about. It’s about doing the inner work. About looking inwards and creating a different mindset. Because, everything that you’re looking for in the outside world, comes from within you. All things in your life are created based on your thoughts. It all comes from within.

You THINK of something you want, ACT upon it, and therefore CREATE it.

Sounds too hocus pocus?
OK. Cool. Let me explain it a bit more scientifically then.

Did you know that we are all energy? Everything in this world is made up of energy?
Our body is made up of cells, these are lots atoms combined. And these are in fact subatomic particles clustered together. And that is in fact just energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. The way this energy vibrates, makes things appear the way they do.

So… Since our bodies are made up of energy, you now also understand that it’s all based on how this energy vibrates. You get to vibrate on a low frequency, or a high frequency. Lower frequencies generally stand for lower emotions such as sadness, lack of energy, or even anger. Higher frequencies or vibrations are in fact the highest emotions possible. Love, happiness, feeling good and positive.

Now here’s the cool thing that you can do by doing mindset work. You get to raise your vibrations to a higher level. Look at all the negative self-talk, and kick these out by replacing it with positive ones. And in doing so, you raise your vibrations to a more positive one.

And then?

Energy attracts like energy.

Feel negative in life and business? Then that’s what you’ll be focusing on, thus attracting more of. You say you can’t do a certain thing, because you’re afraid of doing it for whatever reason? Then you’ll be likely finding plenty of reasons to not do it. Finding all the proof you need to make it a valid reason not to do it.

Feel positive in life and business? Then that’s what your mind will focus on, thus attract more of. For example, the moment that you decide that you want to earn money via multiple income streams, you’ll soon start to see lots of opportunities to do so. How? Because you are looking at it from a different perspective. You see chances in everything. Everything you see becomes a possibility.

Still too woo woo?
Then this might not be for you. I mean, it’s as simple as it is.

Here’s the thing though:
Looking at yourself on a deeper level, changing your mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs will ALWAYS have massive impact on your business.

Because YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS! The better you’re doing and feeling, the better your business is doing. And the more positive you think, the more positive things you will attract. It’s a universal law. The law of attraction. And it’s real!

So are you ready to make a change?

Let’s do this! Together. You and I. For 6 weeks.
I’ll take you on an amazing journey. One that will change everything. I’ll show you everything you need to give your business (and life) a kick in the ass. Just say “Yes, I’m in!” and we’re ready to get you started!

Your investment:

I want to be completely transparent in this, just so you know what you’re signing up for. My current 1:1 rates are 1750,- USD for this 6 week course. However… Sign up now for 6 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching for the price of 1495,- USD.

But there’s something that you need to remember…
It’s not about price. It’s never about the price. It’s about what this is worth to you. It’s about what changing your perspective on business and life, is truly worth to you. So tell me: do you think it is worth it, to finally know the keys to making your business a success? It is, right?!

Mindset to success – 6 weeks 1:1 coaching


What’s included:

* 6 weeks of amazing training
* Weekly 1:1 coaching calls
* Unlimited access to me via Whatsapp
* Weekly assignments to get you on track
* Everything about marketing and PR
* Deep and transformational mindset work
* Getting rid of limiting beliefs
* Rebranding yourself into the expert you are

So are you:

A driven entrepreneur or creative who feel there’s more to business than you’re currently seeing? A powerful creator who’s ready for the next level? And are you ready to do whatever it takes, and to dig deep?

Sounds like you? Yes, right?! Cool!

Then just say yes, and get ready to kick ass in business and life.

Mindset to success – 6 weeks 1:1 coaching


Still not sure?

That’s OK. Even though I love fast action takers, because you ALWAYS know if it’s a right fit for you or not, I understand doubt too.

What will you get out of it? Will it help you along the way? Will it really be transformational? Oh, and the costs… Is it really worth the investment? I get it!

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