Build Your Funnel Now Formula

Get the Build Your Funnel Now Formula, with which you can create, launch and market your product in 14 days (or even less, if you go fast). That way you can start enjoying a consistent stream of customers or clients, without all the hassle.

Do you want a marketing funnel that sells your product or service 24/7, and even while you’re asleep? Would you like to have buyers coming in every single day? Yes, right?!

To me, this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things that I have created for our 3 businesses. Why? Because it allows me to enjoy doing the things that really matter to me. The things that I’m passionate about. The teaching, inspiring, coaching, having fun and simply enjoying time with my family. Wherever that may be.

So how would your business and YOUR LIFE change, if you had an automated system for calling in clients or customers every day?

Most people don’t like chasing down potential customers…
Most people struggle to get in front of their ideal audience…

That’s because they don’t know how to create a simple online funnel that markets and sells their products. With ease!

Building a good working funnel that converts, is actually pretty easy, if you keep the most important things in mind. You can build and launch a funnel in 14 days. That’s fast, right? But it can be done even faster (heck, that’s what I do since I now build it in just 2 days), if you go fast in the creation process and also if you have a bit of experience with technology.

But one of the biggest challenges with building a funnel, is that people never START…

You may have thought of building a funnel before, but then start to question it all.
* Where do I start?
* What needs to be in a funnel?
* What systems do you need?
* What’s important in a funnel?
* How do I connect everything with each other?

And before you know it, you stop because it all seems too difficult.
Sounds about right, right?!

That’s why I have created the BUILD YOUR FUNNEL NOW FORMULA.

Here’s what you will learn in this training:

Module 1
Your Funnel Blueprint
An easy to use blueprint on what steps you need to create in order for you to build a highly converting funnel.
>> The Beginners Map To Launch Your Funnel in 14-28 Days
>> How To Structure Your Offers So They Are Irresistible
>> How To Link your offers so your funnel doesn’t FAIL
>> Why you want to include upsells

Module 2
Funnel Execution

A STEP BY STEP to create and launch your funnel. Once you understand the basics of what steps you need to take, you can create and recreate funnels that work.
What will be covered:
>> Funnel brainstorm to get you started
>> Create and organize the sequence of your funnel
>> Why you need a lead magnet
>> How to create a free gift that calls in leads
>> How to design and create offers
>> Creating sales pages and email copy
>> What software I use for our funnels

Module 3
The Checklist

An easy to follow summary to see if you have included everything in your funnel, so that you can finalize it and LAUNCH it.

Building a funnel isn’t difficult. It’s fun! You only need to understand how it works, what’s important not to miss out on, and then put it out there. So all modules of this training, come with a DEEP DIVE video training in which I will teach YOU how to create and launch your funnel. Truly making it easy for you, okay?!

The training starts Wednesday 26 September!

Okay, Larissa, just give me access NOW so that I can start building as soon as possible please!

Your investment:
This really is a marketing training that will change the way you do business. In fact, it changes the way you get to spend your days from now. All because you will learn how to build funnels that really work. I’d say that’s an amazing thing, right?!

The normal price for this training is 249USD. You can get it today for ONLY $37USD. Pretty damn good, right?!

Heard enough? You just know you need to be in? Then let’s do this!

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