New Moon In Libra October 6th, 2021

On October 6th at 7:05 AM, Eastern Time, it’s happening again. A New Moon will hit us with some very potent energy. This one is specifically about finding a good balance between socializing and alone time to process your emotions.

As the moon disappears from sight or turns dark, the shadow of night wipes its slate clean and encourages you to start something new.

This New Moon takes place in Libra, the zodiac sign of harmony, balance, and romance. Luckily for us, this New Moon is the perfect time to manifest a healthy and harmonious relationship. You may feel the urge to make new friends, fall in love, and work on your connections with others. It could also make you feel like you want to solve conflicts with others; as said before, it’s all about creating harmonious relationships.

But there’s a catch!

Mercury is both in retrograde and conjunct (aka in the same sign as) the New Moon. And with Mercury being the planet of communication, it might be creating confusion within yourself. Libra energy is all about moving forward and looking at the future, whilst Mercury Retrograde is about dragging up the past.

This can only mean one thing! Let the past be brought up, so that it can show you exactly what you don’t want and therefore also what you do want. A great time for healing old wounds, while looking at the future and creating something new and better.

Because remember:
Life only gets better and better!

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