Harvest Full Moon September 2021

Tonight, September 20th, we will experience the so called Harvest Full Moon. This full moon in Pisces can bring forth hidden feelings and emotions. Taking place in intuitive, compassionate and artistic Pisces, this full moon has the potential to be a very emotional one.


This Full Moon in Pisces with the perfect moment for you to have a closer look at your relationships. The planet Mercury – associated with communication and contracts – is in Libra right now, which is the sign of relationships. This will heavily influence the energy of the full moon today., and will influence the energy of the full moon. Combined with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, it will form a harmonious connection. But thanks to a square with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, it will also initiate structural change.

All combined, we can say that this Full Moon energy will be guiding you to have important conversations with those you love, so that old and no longer needed energies can be transmuted into something better.

This Full Moon in Pisces 2021 will show you these limitations and energies that no longer serve you, so that you can work your way through it and create something better from that place. You are supported in doing this with tonight’s Full Moon energy.

Expect changes, breakthroughs, heartfelt conversations, personal growth and perhaps even some very abrupt decision making in the relationship part of your life, whether that’s with your love life, platonic relationships or even contractual agreements.


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This intuition-charging full moon might have us all up in our feelings as we address topics regarding our boundaries, intimacy and security. Above all else, this moon will challenge us to release fear, control, obsession and trauma in order to transform.

There is a reason why full moons are a time for release. Astronomically, when the moon and the sun are exactly opposite of one another, the moon’s glow is most visible, lighting the earth at maximum potential. Just as the moon’s light physically lights up the world, metaphysical astrologers see full moons as a time for illumination and revelation. With a full moon, all of these energies will be brought to the surface. This is happening for you, it’s guiding you or showing you the things that can be transmuted into a higher version, more positive one. If only you allow for it, by actually facing it.

The full moon will empower us to do just that! Scorpio energy is all about achieving emotional security, whereas Taurus energy is all about physical security and requires digging deep. A perfect time to take a good look at your current reality and see where you’re headed.

What fears, obsessions or controls can you release? What can you do to help create the emotional security you seek? What traumas do you need to heal from in order to truly transform? What thought processes could you release, to make space for better experiences to enter into your life?

Truly maximize the energy of this full moon by digging deep into those shadow parts of yourself. Be mindful during the day and night, to see what parts of yourself you might even judge or dislike. Perhaps even do some Ho’oponopono around these parts of yourself, so that you can truly step into a place of self-love during this magical time.


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Why not use this potent full moon energy with a gorgeous full moon journaling ritual that helps you release that which no longer serves you?

Journaling is an excellent way to release emotions and thought processes that no longer serve you. It helps you strengthen you sense of self and builds self-trust. Journaling is also a very powerful way to act as your own counsellor, as it let’s you see your behavioural patterns. And aside from that, It’s the perfect way to soothe troubled emotions.

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Want to take your full moon practice a step further? Maybe it’s time for a gorgeous Full Moon Ritual for yourself.

Whether you feel drawn to a guided Full Moon meditation, or a little fire ceremony during which you release things & situations (thus energies) that no longer serve you… I’v got you covered!

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With love,

The Magical Healer

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