Why healing your inner child changes your life

About life, about yourself, about the things you want to have or do, about the choices you take….

The way you talk to yourself is mostly based on one thing:
Your inner child.

How does the little boy or girl inside of you feel? Does your inner child feel good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, beautiful enough to do/have/be whatever you want to? Or is there some kind of inner struggle going on? Your present day YOU who wants something, but your INNER CHILD believing he/she’s not good enough?

Can you see HOW these inner conflicts can become actual real life struggles in present day? All the choices you make, are based on how your inner child perceives the world.

If you – as a kid – were told that making money is hard, then that’s most likely what you still believe in this current day.

If you – as a child – were always shown that you aren’t worthy of love and attention, then that’s most likely what you still believe today.

But also… if you were always told and shown – by your parents or caretakers – that you can do anything you want in life, then guess what??? You will have brought that way of looking at yourself into your current reality. Knowing and trusting that you can indeed do anything you want.

Of course this goes even deeper, when you look at generations that have come before you. You’ve taken on their belief systems too, THINKING that those beliefs are real.

Looking at my own family line – the Indonesian part – there’s a lot struggles for the women. And this goes back for many generations even. My grandmother had her idea of the world through the things she had experienced as a child. She then taught my mother all these beliefs, simply by behaving a certain way. And my mother taught me these beliefs, also by her simply being a certain way.

Now…. Should I NOT change these beliefs, I would then teach my kids the exact same things. About life, about themselves, their role in life, what they’re capable of and what they’re worthy of.

Changing your belief system requires you to take a look at your inner child. To heal parts of yourself and the way you look at yourself, from a kids point of view. The perspective of your own INNER CHILD.

It not only changes YOU and your life, but also that of generations to come after you. Not to mention the people that you inspire, in becoming a healed version of YOU.

So, bless you, my friend! You truly are amazing, beautiful, strong, smart and worthy of all that you desire.

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It is time, baby! See you on the inside.

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