Time for a RESTART

Are you ready? Ready to finally give your body the RESTART that it needs, wants and craves?
I’d say it’s a perfect time to get back into business with an amazing body, whilst feeling energized. Isn’t it?

Then join me and this group of FABULOUS women all ready to give their health a little kick in the rear… With heels, if you must 
We start this 5 day cleanse on Monday 10 September. I’ll be doing this detox TOGETHER with you, and I’ll share all my knowledge and expertise on this. For FREE!

It’s going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to start this WITH YOU!
So join me. Now!

p.s. You just KNOW that you want to go even deeper with the cleanse? Why not only focus on your body, but also on your mind and soul? Oeh, I love that!
Do yourself a favor and go for the special UPGRADE 

For only $49USD, you get a distant reiki session, 7 amazing vegetarian recipes for during the cleanse, a guided relaxation meditation, AND daily journaling prompts. Soooo good!

All designed to aid in making your cleanse even more powerful, by working on your body, mind and soul 
Want the upgrade? Of course you do! Pm me now.

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