Choose positive thoughts
Choose to see the good
In everything and everyone
And even in yourself

Sounds crazy, right?! Impossible even?

But it’s not. I can tell you – from my own experience – that it’s not impossible. Yes, it might take practice. Daily and consistent practice. But the more you do so, the better you become at it.

I mean, your mind believes the things you tell it. The things that you tell yourself. So you have a choice, my dear. What do you want to tell yourself? What do you want to believe? Be? Feel?

 Want to fill your mind with negative thoughts? There’s plenty to think of, right? About your surroundings, your body, your financial situation, your health, your life. Trust me, I KNOW.

And you know what? Your mind will believe these things, with ease. The better you get at doing so, the faster your mind wil believe these things. No matter if they are true or not.


 Choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Choose to see the good in every situation. Find something difficult to deal with? Just look into that. Why is it difficult? Why is this triggering you?
There’s a reason that it does, and that’s the interesting thing. The one thing that will let you learn from it, grow from it. Look at it with interest. Dig deep into that. Find the truth, and then twist it into something positive.

You see? It’s always a choice. You always have the choice to think positive thoughts, to see the good in everything and everyone. Even in yourself.

So be gentle on yourself. Talk to yourself with love. Accept what is, and see the good in it all. This…. Exactly this is the thing that will change the way you look at yourself. How you look at others, and even at life.


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