Truthbomb alert!

There’s something that has to be said. Something that I feel needs to be shared. Something that a lot of us know, but refuse to see.


Monday is just a day! A day just as any other day. And the fact that it’s named “Monday” doesn’t mean shit. That’s just a name made up by people, so that we would know what day of the week it is. But still, it’s just a day.

So how did you wake up this morning? Dreading Monday again? Like so many others do? Every week? For months or even years on end?

“Oh shit, the new week has started. Oh crap, I need to go to work. Again…. Please let me stay in bed. I don’t want to go.”

I remember those days. Clearly. Oh the things that I tried to keep my mind of the idea of going to work. Snoozing the alarm, as many times as I possibly could. Then, when finally getting out of bed, dreading to even get dressed. And once I had breakfast, I would just find whatever chore possible to stay at home just a litlle bit longer. Cleaning the kitchen? No problem, I’ll just do that now. Folding laundry? Ok, let’s do that now too. Yup. All those silly household tasks that I would normaly dread, gave me instant joy.

And then the drive to the office. Oh boy! Being relieved that you would get stuck in a huge traffic jam. Yes, that’s one hour less of being stuck in the office! Woohoo!

Finally reaching the office, and then instantly getting this heavy feeling. You having to force yourself to get out of the car. Force yourself to walk into the office. And then tell yourself it’s all OK. You’ll probably just need some coffee first and then you’ll feel better. Ready for this new Monday.

But the thing is:
It’s not about Monday. Monday doesn’t suck. Monday never sucked. And Monday will never suck.
It’s not about Monday and it will never be about Monday.

It’s something else that causes this feeling, and you damn well know what it is.

It’s your job. It’s the things you do to earn a living. And if you currently don’t have a job, it’s the things you do daily just to keep busy.


It’s boring you.
It’s boring your brain.
It’s boring your soul.
It’s boring and you know it!

Whoops. Did I just say that? Did I just mention the elephant in the room? Sure did! And you know it’s true.

The things you do on Monday, or any other day of the week, are boring you. If you were having fun….

Loving your job….
Loving the way you make money….
Loving the way you live life even…

Then you would not be dreading Monday. You would LOVE it! A new week with new exciting things to do. A new week filled with adventures. A new week filled with crazy fun things that you’ve got planned. You would wake up – considering you’ve had a good night sleep – feeling ready to kick ass and start working again.

You can refuse to see it this way. Fine by me. Just means that you’ll stay stuck in this “Damn-I-Hate-Monday-Feeling”.

Or… Silly me for saying this!

You can make a change. Find something that excites you and do that instead. Just go ahead and give your brain things it’s excited about. That way you no longer dread Monday. It really is that simple. So stop making it so damn hard on yourself!

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