Self-care isn’t selfish

Are you doing what you should be doing? The things that are good for you?

I know now that making yourself a priority is a must. No, it’s not selfish!
Being selfish is is a crazy thing. Because who says it’s being selfish when you take care of yourself? When you do things for you? As if it is something wrong. A bad thing to do…

Choosing yourself, is done out of love for yourself. Pure, deep love! No matter if it’s about the big stuff in your life, or the small things. Choosing for yourself is a must.

Also working out regularly is done out of love for yourself. Taking care of your body the way it deserves. That is why I believe in the power of doing mindset work, as well as taking good care of your body. So exercise often and eating a healthy balaced diet. Because, if you deeply love yourself, you also love your body. AND… therefore you treat it in a respectful way.

So today I went to the gym again after a period of not going there. Mostly because of the extreme side effects of my EMDR therapy, which had me floored for 3 days in a row after each session. And I had sessions each week, so yeah… Not much to go on…

But then I kept sticking to this pattern. Simply because I didn’t prioritise working out. Because I chose to make other things more important. And that’s the thing here: it’s a choice. It really is as simple as that. You either workout or you don’t. Making excuses is always an option. I mean, been there done that…

But how amazing is it that you actually get to decide for yourself what to do with your life? What your day looks like? What you get to do on a day? How you’re treating your body each day?

Sure, I get it…
You don’t have time.
You’re busy busy busy.
You’re really tired.
You don’t know where you left your sportswear.
And you really have to be some place in 2 hours…
You know what? Let’s do this tomorrow… But for real right?!

That’s the way it works, isn’t it? For most people it is.

Here’s the thing:
You’ll always be able to find an excuse not to workout. ALWAYS!

What works for me, is thinking about the way I feel after going to the gym. After a good workout. Sure, at first I might too not feel like it. But afterwards…

I feel amazing.
In flow.

And then – just by simply reminding myself of that feeling – I am again motivated to go work out. Just because it feels so good!

So everytime I feel the need to go to the gym, but my mind keeps playing tricks on me? Making excuses not to go? I remind myself of that feeling. Every time again!

Or I even question myself what I want to feel for the rest of the day. Do I want to:
* Feel bad that I didn’t go?
* Kick myself for caving in, again?
* Even though I really intended to go!

Or do I choose something else? A different state of mind?
* Feel proud for sticking with my intention.
* Be filled with positive energy.
* Clear my mind through a good workout.
* Take good care of my body!

That sure makes it an easy decision, right?!

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