What does your soul need?

Are you doing the things that your soul needs? The things it craves?

It’s not something that you WANT to do, or someone you want to BE. It’s the things that make you YOU. The things that you need to function well, to live life in the best way possible.

I believe, no I KNOW, that your soul has a huge impact on who you are as a human being. The way you live life. What you need to do on a daily basis to be happy.

To me, some things are just an absolute MUST. Things that are good for my soul, things that I need.  To feel good. Happy. Satisfied even.

So here’s a list with a few of my soul needs:

* Writing and speaking to inspire and motivate others, you…
I really can’t do without this. The last few days I have been putting way too little time into this, and it does something to me. I get that tired, restless feeling. The not belonging, the purpose-less feeling, feeling disconnected to myself even.

* Sunshine and light
Gosh, this may sound a bit odd as being a soul need. But to me it is. I really need sunshine and light. I’m that kind of person who, if I don’t go outside enough in the winter, I get stuck into this negative feeling. Sunshine and light gives me so much energy. It really feeds my soul.

* Warmth
Another somewhat vague thing, as it is not something materialistic. But I need warmth. Not just because I just hate the cold, but because – when I feel warmth (preferably from the sun, but the heating, a cup of hot coffee or tea, a warm blanket or lots of cuddles will do too), I feel myself calming down. Relaxing even.

* A healthy lifestyle
I have spent quite some time figuring out what is good for me with regards to my lifestyle. Mainly because of my fibromyalgia. But now I just know… A healthy lifestyle is part of who I am. It is what I need to feel good every day. So happy that I just love my veggies (salads, slow juices and more) and working out regularly.

* Flowers and plants
A long time ago, I worked in an amazing flower shop. There I was, obviously, always surrounded by the most amazing flowers and plants. A bit of nature indoors, if you will. But since recently I realized that this is just part of me. I need green lucious plants around me. I need big bouquets of flowers in our home. It always makes me feel more connceted to nature. The vibrant colours, the smell. Don’t know what my connection to it is, but I do kow that I need it around me to feel my best.

So here you go, these are just a few examples of my “soul needs”. My entire list is a really long list actually. A list of things that I need, DAILY, to feel as best as I can. To be the best I am. To function optimally.

Do you know yours? Do you know what your soul needs are? The things you just can’t do without?

Honour them, it’s so important!

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