Dare to be YOU!

Do you dare to be yourself? Be your amazing self? Unappologetically?
Show yourself to the world – the exact way that you are! No holding back!

I have been hiding my true self for a long time. Most of my life even. It all came down to feeling not worthy enough.

Not pretty enough
Not funny enough
Not smart enough
Not skinny enough
Not athletich enough

Hell…. sometimes even too smart in highschool. ‘Cause being smart wasn’t going to make me popular. The exact opposite even!Looking back on my life, I realized that most of these so called beliefs were created in my childhood. Feeling unwanted, not popular, if that’s what you want to call it.

And most of it was based on the way OTHER people treated me. Not based on how I felt deep down inside.

Yes, I wore glasses. Yes, later on I had braces too. Yes, my hair was super frizzy. Yes, I wasn’t super fashionable. Yes, I wasn’t athletic. Yes, I even wasn’t “voluptuous” as some other girls were at early adolescence. And I got picked on for that. For all of that!

It even started back in elementary school, when I first had to wear glasses. Instantly the whole dynamic seemed to change in the class. I really hated waring my glasses, because the other kids just didn’t like me anymore. Refused to play with me even.Now I see that ALL of this actually shaped me. Made me belief that I wasn’t worth it.

That, if I wore glasses, people would not like me anymore. Wouldn’t even speak to me anymore.

I honestly believed that the whole world was soley based on the way you look.
“Look good, then you’ll be succesful”.

f56a5e55cba64e70b4a557444fc616caSo I started working on my outer beauty. Showing up as a fashionable, good looking, athletic person. Even refusing to wear my glasses in public.

Now I realize how fucked up that really is. It’s all about what’s on the inside. I’ts always been like that.


Being an amazing person by carachter, is what defines you.

Someone doesn’t like you for who you are?
They’re not your type of person. Just NOT…

And it really doesn’t matter where.
If it’s in your personal life or in business.
You should always be able to BE you.
Show up as YOU.
Trust in you.

Currently I am making drastic changes based on this.
Choosing myself. My happiness. My health even.

Something doesn’t feel good?
Someone makes me feel not good?
Bye Bye.

So, I’m off now. Onto making one of these huge changes. Scary, but super excited! I am choosing me.

Will you do the same? Choose YOU. Now!

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