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First of all, thank you so much for finding the time to come over to my website. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Should you have any questions though, please feel free to contact me. Any time!

My name is Larissa den Enting-Bremmer. I know, long LONG name, which is quite common here in the Netherlands (where I live) when you’re married. I am married to an amazing, loving and super supportive husband whose name is Raymond den Enting (hence my last name). We have 2 fun and cheeky boys, with the oldest being 5 years old and the youngest 1 year old. In addition we have 3 cats, and live in a small town called Amersfoort near Utrecht, which is like the actual centre of the Netherlands.

I started this website with the knowledge that I have an important message to share with the world. For a really long time, I have been trying to not think about it.

To not do anything with it.
To completely forget it.
To focus on other stuff.
To just let it be.

Up untill I decided “enough is enough”. My message is a powerful message that needs to be heard. That needs to come out. Even though it sure is scary. Painful even. Not doing it no longer is an option. This is the time. It is perfect right now. Because everything is perfect. ALWAYS!

So here I am. Having been through hell and back (you can read more about my story here). Having suffered from depression, complex PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety attacks and fibromyalgia, but NOW stronger than ever before. I am living proof that you can turn any extremely bad situation into something good. That you can actually start to love life again. Enjoy life to the fullest.

For the past years, I have been studying how the mind works with the effects of trauma. What, in addition to standard therapy, can aid in the recovery. And even speed things up.

How I have come to this point now, you ask?
I have had a traumatic experience in my late childhood. Not just one event, but multiple, hence the complex ptsd. For years on end, I tried to ignore what was going on inside of me. Just pushed it away, trying to just be normal like everyone else.

Until I couldn’t go further any more. My father had passed away in a horrible accident, after having been sick for many years with an agressive brain tumor. At that time I was pregnant with our youngest son, so refused to (yet again) feel anything. Just to make sure my unborn son wouldn’t feel my stress too much.
Of course it just doesn’t work like that! And of course my pregnancy started to react on my stress levels. I had the first contractions when I was around 25 weeks pregnant. Luckily I took the rest that we both needed, just in time. But I knew something had to be done about all the stress, after giving birth.

So here I was. I had just given birth to our baby boy, and wasn’t feeling like myself. Still, however, I denied that I was actually doing really bad. I went to the doctor (still in denial though) and he sent me to a psychologist.

She was the very first one to ever take my story serious. Take ME serious. It was quite the shock to see her face when I told what I had gone through. She was shocked by my story! By my life! By how I lived, no survived, back then. She diagnosed me with c-ptsd, something I have always know to have. It has been inside of me all along, but was finally triggered to come out after my dad died.

After many sessions with her, I went on to another therapist for EMDR sessions. Had 10 sessions or so, and it is the most insane thing I have ever experienced. Kind of like meditation, visualization, affirmations, resurfacing of lots of old hurt, getting rid of old beliefs, and getting in touch with my soul. All at the same time!

Now, I don’t want to make it sound prettier than it is. It is a treatment they only do when they are sure you can handle going though it all again. It is a treatment that they’d rather not do. All because it is extremely painful. Reliving all the old pains and reliving your painful past. Experiencing the most extreme headaches afterwards for 3 days in a row, extreme tiredness, and lots more.

But all the while I had this deep sense that EMDR has shed most of the darkness inside of me. And let me tell you: there was a LOT of darkness. I believe it was almost only darkness. The EMDR sessions cracked me open. Allowed me to let the light back in. It allowed me to actually connect to my soul.

This, together with a lot mindset work and meditation, changed me into the person I am today. My own happy me, being grateful for all my life experiences. Loving myself, accepting myself completely, and enjoying every bit of life.

So here I stand today, knowing what can be accomplished with the right guidance.
With lots of hard work. Action to take. Facing your true self, and no more hiding from it.
I can and I will show you ultiple ways of finding joy in your life again, simply by being you. Because that’s all it takes.  Being you and accepting you.

So… are you ready? Ready for big changes? Ready to face it? Ready to work your ass off? All in order to feel better! To start loving your life again. No matter your past!

Let me know!


p.s. Forgot to tell you:
In addition to all of this, I am also the owner of my amazing webshop www.scarfz.nl. I am so passionate about my webshop, where we sell scarves and all kinds of fashion musthaves.
I honestly believe that having this webshop is one of the main reasons I was able to speed up my recovery. Being so passionate, enjoying every bit of it, this could make my entire day when it was going bad for me.

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