Stand tall like a Unicorn

You know a unicorn is special, right?

You are special too. You are in fact a magical being. Beautiful. Perfect.
All you have to do, is simply realize it and let it out.

This morning I drove our oldest son to school. Not in our regular car. Nope, we have a temporary rental car from the garage, while they are fixing our car.
Not just a standard BMW like the one we have. No, a really awesome and super fast BMW Z4. So of course I had to drive my son to school in this car. I mean, of course…

The sun was shining already, so the first thing he asked me, was “Can we drive it with the top down?”. So that’s what we did. He LOVED it! He was smiling and super happy. Then he asked me to turn the radio louder, so that everyone could hear it too.

At first it felt strange to me, and I told myself:
Please just act normal! Noooo, why the radio too? Now everyone’s looking at us. What will the think? OMG they think we’re complete show-offs!

Until I realized that this is complete nonsense.
Why act “normal”?
Why try to fit in?
Fit in with the crowd
Fit in with this boring normality

When it all can be so much more fun? Awesome? Amazing? Fun?

I don’t feel normal. I know I’m not “normal”. What is normal even? As far as I know it’s conforming to a norm. A man-made norm, that is.

But I don’t even like that. I am on a journey to fully accept myself for who I AM. Being different than others. Showing that I am different, think different, dream different. Act different.

Talking openly about it, knowing that it will always inspire others with it. And that’s what I love.

Making sure that you too know how to stand tall. Act like a Unicorn. A special being. Because that’s what we all are.


You just need to decide to act on it. It’s that simple.

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